That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 233

It Wasn’t Him

The gym was empty. Josie instantly found Arnold running on a treadmill as he was at a very eye-
catching spot. He was shirtless, revealing his firm muscles and athletic figure for all to see.

Josic took a deep breath and went to him, pressing a button to stop the treadmill.

Arnold finally stopped running. He panted and turned to her. “Are you taking out your anger on me? Did
Dexter anger you again?”

Josie looked at him sternly. Her eyes burned with fury.

However, Arnold found her adorable and laughed. He reached out to pinch her cheek, but she stopped
him. “What’s wrong with you?”

He had just finished exercising. His eyes were bright, and the air was thick with his pheromone.

“Did you deliberately arrange for us to have a walk that night?”

Arnold sluggishly withdrew his hand and replied. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Arnold!” Josie nearly lost her temper. “You keep using me to achieve your goals. Does it make you feel
accomplished? Can you leave me alone?”

His smile gradually faded. He grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat on his neck.

“You think I did it?”

“I haven’t said anything, but you knew what I meant. It has to be you.” Josie felt his response confirmed
that it was he who revealed the information.

A woman entered the gym. Josie had seen her before. Her name was Lillian. She came to Arnold and
gave him a bottle of water.

Arnold leaned back and gulped a few mouthfuls of water before answering, “Russell Group is popular,
so it’s normal that everyone knows about the construction site accident once the news broke out. It
would be more surprising if I didn’t know anything.”

Josie looked up at him. “Are you telling me it was only a coincidence that we were together that night?”

“To be more accurate, I was with her. Arnold pointed at Lillian. Lillian flinched and seemed afraid of him.

Josie did not respond, but she was sure that Arnold was the culprit.

Arnold placed his hands on the treadmill and looked into her eyes. “Anyway, why would I want to
expose the information?”

“Your project in Rivodia also had an accident involving your worker. Furthermore, Carter Group and
Russell Group are rivals,” Josie spoke fast but was calm.

Arnold smiled at her. His eyes crinkled with mirth. “I get it. Dexter must have suspected you and given
you trouble. That’s why you suspect me, right?”

Josie felt the confrontation was getting out of her control, but she could not stop I believe my suspicion
is justified”

“Even though he accused you without basic?”

Josie was briefly speechless before retorting. That’s none of your business”

“Josic, you might think I’m lying” Arnold sighed and appeared helpless. “However, I have nothing to do

with this matter.”

“It has nothing to do with you?” Josie raised her tone. “You have better not be involved.”

After saying that, she turned on her phone and showed Arnold the screen as she blocked his contact
“Since you’re not involved, let’s not see each other again to avoid unnecessary troubles”

She knew she had to protect herself and guard her identity. She could afford to divorce, at least for

Therefore, she needed to avoid provoking Dexter. To achieve that, she had to cut off all contact with

Arnold’s gaze darkened. He looked at the faint bruise on her neck and asked, “Did he hit you?”

Josie frowned slightly and realized he was talking about the bruise Bleu had caused “No”

She turned around to leave, but Arnold grabbed her arm. I asked you a question! Did he hit you?”

Arnold gripped her arm tightly. His usually easygoing expression turned stern.

I've told you. He didn’t!”

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