That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 226

Meeting the Rascal Again

Dexter put down the cup. “Come in.”

Ivy went to Dexter and leaned close to whisper something into his ear. However, he stopped her and
said, “We’re all family. Whatever you want to tell me, my uncles can hear it too.”

“Jesse sneaked in. How should we deal with her?”

That’s easy.

Dexter looked at Ivy meaningfully. She instinctively turned away.

Many people were gathered in Russell Group that day. It was inevitable that unwanted guests would
find ways to sneak in.

Bleu Mullins finally escaped his father and rushed out of his house furiously. He wanted to see for
himself how wealthy Russell Group was.

His surname was Mullins, the same surname as the deputy director of the state police department.

That meant he came from the Mullins family. Dexter secretly took action against them, putting them on
the verge of collapse.

In other words, Bleu was the rascal who insulted and raised his hand against Josie after the car accid

After that accident, the Mullins family was investigated, resulting in Bleu’s father’s demotion and
suspension from duties. His father might have to go to prison if not for his grandfather’s prominent


Although Bleu was not punished, he had a terrible reputation throughout the Web. Moreover, his friends
avoided him ever since his family’s downfall. Everyone knew he offended Dexter.

Bleu only found out afterward that Dexter was the man who came to help Josie.

Today, Bleu snuck in using the invitation his father pulled all strings to get. His father wanted a chance
to apologize to Dexter and request mercy toward the Mullins family.

However, Bleu disagreed with his father’s plan. I heard rumors that Dexter is married. The woman from
that day is probably his lover. She looked unremarkable. There’s no way a woman like that can marry
into the Russell family.

So, why would Dexter bother to disturb my family for that woman?

As he thought about this, he suddenly noticed a woman seated on the steps and smirked.

“Gorgeous, are you alone?” Josie suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, prompting her to frown. The
voice continued before she could turn around, “Can I have your number?”

Bleu was an infamous playboy in his social circle. Previously, his family was wealthy and influential, so
the women he approached were eager to please him.

He still had not given up his philandering habits, even in his family’s dire situation.

Meeting the Rascal Again

However, he was stunned when Josie turned around. He did not expect to see her again.

“What the heck?” Bleu jumped and widened his eyes in shock. Then, he hissed and cursed, “You witch!
Why are you here? What a pest.”

Josie was bewildered to be cursed out of the blue. She looked at Bleu’s face under the dim light and
sneered upon recognizing him. Why are all the enemies coming here tonight?

That should be my question. You have better leave before I call security.”

She was furious as she recalled her humiliation that day.

Bleu spat on the floor. He, too, was furious, especially when he recalled what his family had gone
through recently. It filled him with the urge to bash the woman before him.

“You’re telling me to leave?” He smirked and kept moving closer. Josie retreated and replied sternly,
“Don’t you dare touch me.”

Bleu snorted, grabbed her chin, and taunted. “I’m touching you. What are you going to do about it?”

“Go ahead and call Dexter to come here. Let’s see if he cares. I highly doubt he would. He’s already
married, and you’re only an unwanted toy to him. How does it feel to be abandoned?”

His presence made Josie nauseous. She ran out of space to retreat and tried to push him off her. “Go

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