That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 228


Ivy ran urgently but could not keep up with Dexter.

Dexter arrived at the scene and saw Bleu shove the struggling Laura as he escaped, causing her to fall
into the swimming pool.

A big splash followed, and screams sounded from the spectators.

Dexter speedily weighed the pros and cons before tossing his jacket aside and leaped into the waters.

The spectators screamed again.

Thankfully, the swimming pool was shallow. However, the water was cold. Laura choked on the water
briefly before Dexter reached her and pulled her into his embrace. “Laura! Laura!”

Laura was entirely drenched when he brought her out of the pool. Her condition was concerning. But
when Dexter was about to rush her to the hospital, Laura tugged his shirt sleeve and said barely
audibly, “There’s another person…”

The spectators could not hear Laura’s words but saw Dexter’s expression change drastically. He
looked so furious that it seemed he would obliterate anyone in his way.

Dexter realized something and walked stiffly past the trapped Bleu. Then, he saw Josie lying lifelessly
the ground in a ragged dress.


Dexter trembled slightly and coldly ordered a staff, “Bring Ms. Brandel to the hospital.”

Then, he picked up his coat and went to Josie. If one were to look closely, one would notice him
staggering as he walked and see the anguish in his eyes. He covered her with his coat and touched
her skin, only to find it cool.

Josie knew it was Dexter and instinctively rested her head against his chest, trying to hide from the
watching crowd. Her expression froze in despair.

Dexter caressed her and called out to her.

“I’m here. Everything’s all right now.”

On the other hand, Bled looked at the scene in disbelief and was on the verge of a mental breakdown.
That’s impossible! No way! Why is Dexter treating Josie like this? At the same time, he knew he had
gotten himself into trouble, and his life would be ruined.

Dexter glared at Bleu. His gaze was cruel and filled with hatred.

The crowd saw how gently he handled Josie, like carrying a precious and fragile vase. Everyone could
feel his concern for Josie. He feared the incident would irrevocably break her.

Dexter said softly, “Apart from touching you, what else did he do?”

them on Bleu like a venomous snake waiting to strike. She saw the fear on his face.

His fear means nothing to me. How could he think I would let him go after all he did?

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“He said.” Josie’s voice was soft, but the surrounding was so quiet that everyone could hear her words.
“Don’t bother pretending to be chaste. I’ve seen too many women like you. Women like you act pure
but are wanton in bed.”

The women in the crowd all glared at Bleu. His lips twitched, and his face turned pale from the
discomfort of their animosity.

Dexter lifted Josie from the ground and seated her comfortably before slowly undid his cuff buttons.
Later, the crowd would recall that he looked like a ferocious beast about to attack its prey.

“What else?”

“You work in Russell Group. I guess you wh red your way in.”

At this point, the women were not the only ones glaring at Bleu. Many male Russell Group employees.
looked at him with fury.

Josie continued, “He’s already married, and you’re only an unwanted toy to him. How does it feel to be

Those words were shocking, leaving the crowd aghast.

While some people were still puzzled over those words, Dexter dashed forward, grabbed Bleu by his
shirt. collar, and punched him hard.

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