That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 235

Don’t Do It Again

Russell Group’s public relation department suppressed the news about the accident on the


The company spent a lot of money to appease the victim’s family. At the same time, investigations
were still ongoing.

Josie was absent from work for two days. Fortunately, the company was not busy during this period.
Moreover, everyone empathized with what happened to her during the company party. Therefore, no
one criticized her.

Josie wanted peace, so she stayed in the villa and did not return to Mason Garden. Dexter did not
object. and stayed with her. They slept in different rooms. Although they were not close, they still got
along quite well.

Dexter went for a run alone in the early morning. Most house owners in this area were prominent
figures in their fields. They smiled and greeted Dexter whenever they met. “Good morning, Mr.

Dexter smiled in response to their greeting. He wore a black jacket and a Sports watch on his morning
run. He ran on the dew-covered paths before taking the same way back to the villa.

Josie was still asleep at this hour. He thought about this and ran faster.

Then, he entered the house through the back gate. There was no one around. He walked past the yard
and looked at the pond. There were about a dozen colorful carp in the pond. The water lilies were still

withering in this season. Their dry leaves fluttered in the wind, hiding ripe tubers that would grow into
new flowers in spring.

Dexter turned on the tap, allowing crystal-clear water to gush out from it. The pipes were connected to
a mountain spring. The water had no trace of pollutants and was safe to drink.

Dexter splashed the water on his face and felt refreshed.

Then, he opened the bedroom door and saw Josie still asleep.

He quietly went to the kitchen to make breakfast. He had to be self-sufficient since there were no

in this villa.

He received two calls this morning. The first call was from Ivy to give him a report on the latest
development. Her voice sounded a little hoarse. She had probably worked through the night.

“Ivy,” Dexter said while pouring a glass of milk.

Ivy answered nervously, “Yes, Mr. Russell.”

Ivy knew something was wrong. She raised her voice in protest. “Mr. Russell, have I done something

“What do you think?”

Ivy had worked for Dexter for a long time and understood what he implied. She bit her lip and
remained. silent for a long time before saying. I understand…”

“This is your final chance. You are to resign if you do this again.”

He did not bother to spare her dignity. His every word was imbued with threat and left her suffocating.

The second call came from Josic’s phone when he returned to the bedroom. He glanced at the screen
and saw it was a call from someone named ‘Matt’

Dexter squinted and picked up the call immediately. He glanced at Josie from the corner of his eye and
saw she was still asleep.

Jo Jo Matthew sounded drunk.

Dexter pinched his brow and replied coldly. “Dr. Sander.”

‘Click Matthew hung up immediately.

Dexter licked the corner of his lips and looked annoyed.

He deleted the call log and placed the phone back in its place. Then, he went to the bathroom to take a
bath. Josie was awake when he came out of the bathroom. She sat on the bed with her feet bare and
placed one foot on the quilt..

“What’s wrong?” Dexter approached her and placed a hand on her forehead.

Josie frowned and observed his gentleness with her. She could not sleep well since Arnold told her
about Dexter’s situation.

It was hard to imagine that he suffered severe lashings in his childhood.

“What happened to your eyes?” Dexter looked closely at her swollen eyes and wondered if mosquitoes
had bitten her.

They throbbed under his gaze. Josie’s right eyelid throbbed ever since she returned from meeting
Arnold, making her feel even more frustrated than she already was.

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