That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 222


Dexter treated her like the apple of his eye when he wanted to. When he didn’t want to, he treated her
like nothing and humiliated her repeatedly.

His kindness toward her could quickly disappear in the blink of an eye.

A figure appeared behind her. She saw a bright suit out of the corner of her eye. Josie held on to the
sink and almost couldn’t catch her breath. “You’re right. Dexter has no affection.”

They could get along as if they had no boundaries, but he punished her like this today. Josie felt like
her heart was being crumpled repeatedly. Resentment and disappointment festered within her.

“I’m not Arnold.” It was an icy voice. She shuddered when she heard it. Her legs went weak, and she
didn’t dare to turn around.

How can it be Dexter?

Her coat hung from his hand, and his eyes were frosty. They were ice-cold. He put her coat on her
gently as if nothing had happened.

But Josie trembled uncontrollably,

“You get along well, don’t you? He knows you so well that you can bare your feelings to him like this.”
Dexter’s icy lips were by her ears. He felt her uncontrollable trembling.

“Dexter…” Josie was on the brink of a breakdown. Her voice shivered as well.

“Do you want to be with him?” He continued asking, but she didn’t answer. He grabbed her face and
forced her to look into the mirror.

Josie’s eyes were wet, and she was terrified. As the man grabbed her from behind, the veins on his
hand protruded.

“Do you want to?!” He exerted more force..

Josie’s tears fell, and she shook her head furiously. “No… I don’t…”

“Know your place, Josie Warren.” He made her look in the mirror. “I gave you everything you have now,
not Arnold. You belong to me. You must know your place.”

His voice was soft yet harsh. There was none of his sweet tenderness. It was as though he were a
different. person. Josie felt that she didn’t know him.

“Mm….” Josie trembled as she blinked.

Footsteps came from outside, and her heart lifted. “Josie?”

It was Arnold’s voice.

Josie and Dexter didn’t move. Josie cried out at once, “Don’t come in! I don’t want to talk to you now!”

The footsteps stopped at once.

“I didn’t mean to humiliate you just now. Don’t take it to heart.” Arnold sounded slightly regretful.

Dexter held Josie down from the start to the end. It was as though a poisonous snake was slithering on
her body. He spoke into her ear. “Do you want to be seen?”

She shivered violently. “I don’t care. Don’t come here. I don’t want to see you.”

She wanted Arnold to leave at once!

He seemed to sense something wrong with her voice. After a moment, he said, “Take care. His
footsteps sounded further away after that.

Josie breathed a sigh of relief. She almost fell to the floor, paralyzed.

Dexter finally let her go. He turned around ruthlessly and left her as she slowly fell to the floor weakly.

Josie didn’t return to Mason Garden that night. She felt defeated and stayed in a nearby hotel. She
couldn’t sleep the whole night.

She finally understood. If she had feelings for Dexter, she would be in eternal misery. Did affection
mean anything to him?

They weren’t important to him. Or perhaps, he had no affection for Josie. Maybe her feelings hadn’t
been reciprocated.

Russell Group’s annual meeting was held at one of the hotels under the corporation’s banner. On that
day, the hotel wasn’t open for business. They started preparing from morning until evening, making the
venue look luxurious and elegant. Everyone who saw it gasped in admiration.

It was December thirty-first, which was New Year’s Eve. People were bustling around on the streets.
Those who passed the hotel were astonished by how much Russell Group had spent.

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