That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 232

Indebted to Her

Josie rolled her eyes. That’s indeed the Laura I know…

However, she did not want Matthew to worry. “I’ll be fine. I’m only meeting her for a while.”

Laura was engrossed in playing a game on her phone and moved her body as she controlled her
game. avatar. She did not notice Josie coming in. Seeing her in the middle of a game, Josie sat at the
side and waited for her to finish her round.

Laura suddenly looked up and noticed Josie. She widened her eyes and shouted fiercely, “Why are
you. here!”

Josie appeared amicable. “I came here to see you, and thank you for saving me yesterday.”

Her words infuriated Laura, causing her expression to darken further. “Get out.”

However, Josie stayed in her seat. “I know you despise me, but I still want to thank you for saving me. I
don’t dare to think what would happen if you didn’t show up.”,

Those words further aggravated Laura’s inood. She threw her phone onto her bed and replied furiously,
“I don’t need your fake gratitude. Get out of my sight before I call my bodyguards.”

“Your bodyguards aren’t at the door. I wouldn’t have been able to come in if they were there,” Josie
responded calmly.

Laura finally realized her bodyguards had left without her realizing. It made her even more anxious. I’ve
said clearly enough. I don’t need your fake gratitude, and I despise you. I would have helped anyone in
that situation. So, leave and stop making me feel nauscous,”

Laura looked pretty even when she was furious. Josie was used to her arrogance and was not
bothered by the hatred on Laura’s face.

“That means you’re a good person. It’s hard to find a kind and wealthy lady these days.”

Josie was like a saint. No words could provoke her.

Her unaffectedness infuriated Laura so much that she was on the verge of losing her mind. She felt an
intense urge to strangle Josie. “Why would I want to be kind to you? Stop pretending to be nice to me. I
saved you, but that doesn’t mean I accept you as Dexter’s wife. You should know your place.”

However, Josie pretended not to hear her and helped herself to the fruits in the basket. “Do you want a


Laura gave up entirely and sat slumped on the bed. “You disgust me. Get out.”

Josie slowly peeled a banana and said, “Ms. Brandel, I won’t forget your kindness. Let me know if you
need help, and I will try my best to assist you.”

Then, she placed the banana on the table and continued. “You might think my promise is not worth
much. Still, you can give me a chance when your situation requires it.” Josie blinked and added, “Of
course, my offer doesn’t include divorcing Dexter.”

Josie left and closed the door. In her fury, Laura threw a pillow at the door and yelled. “I should never
have saved you!”

Laura was an illegitimate daughter. Her father brought her and her mother to Brandel Residence shortly
after his wife died. Laura was already ten years old then. Everyone in Wavery knew she was born out
of wedlock.

Josie investigated Laura before going to see her.

She believed Laura likely did not have it easy with such a background. Therefore, Josie considered and
decided to promise her a favor. She thought she would soon be able to repay Laura for saving her.

Josie was in a rush and did not go to visit her father. She hailed a taxi and headed to Carter Group.
The receptionist made her wait in the lobby. Josie pulled out her phone and called Arnold straight away.
“What are you doing?”

Arnold was surprised but was happy to hear her voice. “Why? I heard Russell Group’s party was a
success. Are you interested in organizing one for Carter Group?”

Josie controlled her anger. “Where are you?”

Arnold paused briefly before answering. “I’m in the gym on the Carter Group’s thirtieth floor.”“

Josie headed there straightaway. None of the staff tried to stop her again.

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