That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 231

I Never Told Him

Ivy said, “Yes, all the workers at the construction site had signed the confidential agreements. The
hospital is strict with patient information. How did the media find out about it?”

Dexter walked out of the study and saw that rain was hammering down. He ordered sternly,
“Investigate all the workers involved.”

“I’ve already investigated them before you answered my call. There’s nothing wrong with them. Mr.
Russell… Please forgive me for asking. Did you tell anyone about this matter?” Ivy asked tentatively.

Dexter looked at Josie’s tightly shut door and could not hear any noise from the room. All he heard was
the splattering sound of rain.

“It’s not her.”

Ivy could not help raising her voice. This matter is severe. Reporters are now blocking Russell Group’s
entrance. It will be detrimental to the company’s reputation unless we find the source of the leak.

Dexter closed his eyes briefly.

“Wait for a while, Dexter said and hung up.

He pushed open the door and saw Josie sitting before the window with a dazed expression. One could
only wonder what she thought as she looked at the heavy rain. It was cold, but she only wore a thin
sleeping gown. The sight of her like this broke his heart.

She did not turn around even as she heard noises. She seemed as if she had lost all hope.

“Don’t go to the company today. You should stay here and rest, Dexter said, holding the doorknob. His
face was devoid of emotion.

Josie remained silent. However, she suddenly spoke as he turned around to leave. “I want to see

Despite their conflicts, Josie felt she should thank Laura for saving her life.

Dexter replied without turning around, “I’ll get someone to message you the hospital she is staying in.”

Silence followed.

Dexter walked a few steps before pausing. “You were with Arnold on the night of the construction
accident. Did you tell him about the accident?”

Josie finally showed some reaction. She looked at him blankly and answered, “I never told him.”

Hearing her answer, Dexter did not ask any more questions but left the villa. He started his car and


Josie remained dazed for some time before getting up. She washed up and turned on her phone to find
the message about Laura’s hospital. It was the one her father stayed in.

Then, she called a taxi and went to the shop before the hospital to get some fruit. The TV at the shop
showed the news. Many reporters crowded around Dexter and pointed their microphones at him, but

remained calm despite the chaos.

“Mr. Russell, your project in Sylmark recently suffered a case of casualty. Was it due to Russell Group’s

“Mr. Russell, can you explain what caused the accident?”

Dexter appeared calm as he faced the camera. “We are cooperating with the police investigation to
find. out the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, we have properly compensated the victim’s family. At
the moment, there is no indication that Russell Group has been negligent in this project. We will share
the findings with the public once the investigation is concluded.”

“Please be patient.”

Dexter left after saying that. His bodyguards immediately blocked the reporters from getting close to

“Miss, why are you standing there? Are you going to take it or not?” The shopkeeper handed Josie a
bag of fruits.

Josie finally came to her senses.

Laura caught a cold after tripping into the pool and suffered shock from the incident. Therefore, the
doctor recommended that she stay in the hospital for observations. As a wealthy lady, Laura received
top- notch service in the VIP ward. She spent her time playing video games and had steaks for her

Matthew stopped Josie and asked, “Are you her friend?”

Josie was confused by his question. “Is… Is she a difficult patient?”

Matthew nodded. “I heard from the nurses that she chased out anyone who came to see her. She even
threw the things her visitors brought out of the window and hurt a passerby. Luckily, the injury was

minor. She compensated them twenty thousand without any concern.”

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