That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 225

Yanis Russell

Josie laughed when she heard it. “Why are you confident that I will agree?”

Ivy had socialized with others for years and was always calm when she spoke. “I know about what
happened at Mandarin Oriental. I believe you know that the wife Dexter needs isn’t someone like you.
Arnold is nice to you. He can support you instead.”

Josie crossed her arms and took a deep breath. “It seems like you’ve done your research on me, Ms.
Miller. You even know about Arnold. If he knew about it, he would ask Dexter for you.”

Ivy’s voice was intertwined with rage. She sneered. “Are you sure you don’t want to get a divorce?”

Josie wanted to laugh. Why does everyone think that I can decide?

“Look for Dexter. I will divorce him if he agrees. But if he doesn’t, don’t come and probe me again.”
Josie didn’t care and wasn’t willing to speak further.

She wanted to get a divorce, but she couldn’t. Even when she considered other aspects, she had to
prioritize herself. She couldn’t compromise because of others’ opinions.

And she knew that Dexter had no plans to divorce her for now.

Ivy understood where Josie stood and stopped asking further. She was about to turn and leave.

Josie called after her at this time. Ms. Miller, I don’t know how Jesse got in. I advise you to deal with it
for Russell Group’s reputation.”

Ivy was slightly startled. Josie didn’t know if she was surprised. Ivy stood there for a while before

The night breeze was gentle yet lonely. It swept Josie’s long hair, and she sighed silently,

Many high-level executives from Russell Group came for this year’s annual meeting, including board.
members from the board of directors. Some were old, looking dignified and wealthy. Employees were
cautious about going up and talking to them.

“Dexter, I’ve seen this year’s financial report for Russell Group. Honestly, I have lingering fear about
your plan to acquire Landon. The Russell Group might have crumbled if the Ardon family hadn’t gotten
into trouble. It was too risky.”

A few board members sat together in a particular private room and were having some drinks. It had a
great view. Dexter sat at the end with a faint smile. He was silent.

“But something happened to the Ardon family, didn’t it?”

“What if something had happened to Russell Group instead?” The man at the seat of honor was the
previous person in charge of Russell Group. He was the eldest of his generation, and his name was
Yanis Russell. He was almost sixty but took good care of himself and looked imposing.

“Uncle Yanis, I can guarantee that Russell Group’s business domain will expand endlessly for the next
three years after acquiring Landon. It’s too early to feel disheartened now.”

Dexter poured a drink for himself. It was dark. He took a sip and put his glass down.

“Hmph… Three years. Don’t blame me for not warning you. Your grandfather is in poor health. Don’t let
him witness the fall of Russell Group in his remaining years. If that happens, it’s basically
manslaughter.” Yanis taunted him.

Dexter had a sneer in the corners of his mouth when he heard it. “It seems you’re not satisfied with the
dividends this year, Uncle Yanis. If you’re really worried about Grandpa, why haven’t you ever visited



Someone smoothed things over when they sensed the increasingly hostile atmosphere. “Alright, we’re
at family. Why are you acting like we’re on different sides? I believe in Dexter’s ability. Most of this
year’s revenue has been pretty good. But of course, it would have been better if we didn’t need to fill
the gap. made by Landon.”

Dexter did not utter a word. He held his glass. The faint noise outside slowly seeped in.

At this time, someone knocked at the door. It was Ivy. She looked at Dexter slightly anxiously and didn’t
dare to rush into action.

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