That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 224

Looking at Him

Josie kept quiet. She didn’t want such a role.

Jesse sized up the woman before her, who was as quiet as a mouse, and felt that Josie was quite
elegant. As a woman herself. Jesse didn’t feel like a failure after losing to someone like Josie. Jesse
was just jealous of Josic.

After finishing a cigarette, Jesse furrowed her brows. “You’re so calm. Aren’t you afraid that I will reveal
it to the media?”

“You won’t.”


“Because it would be beneficial to me.”

Josie was right. Jesse stared at her. “What if I deliberately defame you?”

“Dexter won’t let you do such a thing.”

“Heh. You have no fear.

Jesse walked past her and said, “I don’t dare touch you, but I’m waiting for your fall from grace.”

Josie smiled faintly. She reached out to adjust her fringe and didn’t answer Jesse.

Laura was also present at this year’s annual meeting. Her elders had personally brought her along.
She didn’t have a great family background. Everyone was astonished when they saw her at the annual
meeting. Their emotions were unclear.

As Dexter walked around, Laura stuck to him incessantly. She sat at one side and waited patiently
while he spoke to others. Those who didn’t know her thought that she had feelings for him, but those
who did. know that she was like a younger sister to Dexter. The Russell family wouldn’t accept an
illegitimate daughter.

Dexter was a gracious host, and he didn’t express his annoyance. He couldn’t help but remind her
softly. “Laura, you’re a guest today. I’ll entertain you next time. I can’t attend to you simultaneously on
such an


Laura laughed coyly when she saw that he initiated a conversation with her, “I saw that woman just
now, and I felt annoyed. I don’t want you to be with her on such an occasion. Do you understand, Mr.

Dexter raised his eyes and looked for Josie. She wasn’t around.

“I won’t do such a thing. The two hadn’t spoken for a few days since that day. They returned to Mason
Garden separately.

“Really? You’re still rational, Mr. Russell. I thought you would be impulsive and publicly announce your
marriage. You announced it at the celebration dinner last time. The whole world will know if you
announce it at the annual meeting this time.” Laura taunted.

“If you continue talking, you will be embarrassed.” Dexter retorted calmly.

Laura felt anxious and grieved. “I still don’t understand. Why? Why isn’t it Summer? How is she inferior
to that woman? Must you degrade yourself like this?”

Dexter’s expression was grim. He took a glass of wine from a waiter and handed it to her. “Are you
sure you want to continue?”

Laura froze. She didn’t dare to provoke this man further. “In any case, I’m going to stay with you
tonight. I want to keep watch over you for Summer’s sake.”

Dexter didn’t take to heart her immature actions. He put the wineglass down. Before he left, he said,
“Take care of yourself instead.”

It was a busy day. Josie had been occupied the whole day and finally had time to rest. She found a
quiet porch and enjoyed the chilly breeze.

She felt much more clear-headed. She held a bottle of wine and drank from it repeatedly without
looking at the lively scene behind her. She felt like there was a void in her heart that couldn’t heal no
matter what.Josie.”

She didn’t know when Ivy had appeared behind her. She turned, and a cold breeze swept her hair.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you busy enough, Ms. Miller?” Josie’s voice was slightly sarcastic.

“Get a divorce with Mr. Russell. He will agree if you insist,” Ivy said solemnly. “I know you have troubles
at home. I can help you, but you must divorce him.”

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