That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 243

She Used Him

Arnold stood still. He wore a light brown coat and looked suave as he leaned against the cable

“You called me out of a business negotiation just for dinner?”

Josie was no longer afraid of him and looked up with a smile. “You took advantage of me many times it
wrong for me to do the same?”

Arnold snorted softly before pulling out a chair and sitting down. He played with an expensive-looking
rosary in his hand.

“I was in a nine-figure business negotiation. You better have something important to discuss with me”
Josie sipped a little red wine. The candle flame flickered as she laughed. “Arnold, do you like me

A subtle emotion flashed in Arnold’s eyes before disappearing immediately. Then, he behaved playfully
usual. “Didn’t I tell you that I’ve always liked you? Why? Have you finally decided to divorce Dexter
“What if I don’t divorce him?” Josie asked daringly. “Will you still want me if I don’t divorce him Arnold
finally stopped playing with the rosary. His pupils darkened with desire. Although Josie was not
considered beautiful, she had spirited eyes. One could not help but be mesmerized by them

He looked at her and could not hide his curiosity. “What happened?”

Seeing that he could still reason, Josie gave up on the question. She looked at the snow outside the
windo and finished her plate of steak.

Arnold did not move but quietly waited for her to finish eating. After around fifteen minutes, something
in Josie snapped. She dropped her cutleries and suddenly leaned toward Arnold to kiss his lips.

Arnold lost all the little rationality he had left. Desires burst from his heart.

Josie gently placed her hand on the back of his head. She left a fleeting kiss on his lips before moving
slightly. Their faces were close as they looked into each other’s eyes. Her gaze seemed gentler than
the candlelight.

Josie… Do you know what you’re doing?”

She gave him another kiss and moved away immediately. “You haven’t answered me.”

Arnold felt his desires stir. He could see her bare skin from the front of her bathrobe.

Her skin was fair and smooth as a pearl. His throat tightened, and his breathing increased in urgency

Suddenly, Josie’s phone rang. Arnold felt her hand trembling slightly. Her gaze became alert, and she
let him go.

It was a call from Alice. “What’s wrong?”

Alice sounded urgent. “Have you seen the email I sent you? Why haven’t you replied?”

“I will deal with it right now.”

Due to the interruption, the passion from before disappeared without a trace and could not be reignited

Josie looked at the door and sensed no movements outside. It seemed no one would come to stop her
even if she continued what she was doing with Arnold,

The realization filled her with brief frustration.

Still, it did not bother her for long. She knew she would not lose to anyone when it came to patience.

“Josie.” Arnold looked at her solemnly.

Josie pursed her lip. “I have to leave. Something urgent came up with work.”

“I’ll send you.”

“That won’t be necessary. I will go downstairs to call a taxi. It will be here soon.”

She went to the bathroom and put on her clothes. When she came out, Arnold already called a ride for
her through an app. It was waiting downstairs.

He watched Josie walk away and called to her. “Should I pretend nothing happened tonight?”

Josie smiled and made a hand gesture, indicating to him not to treat what had happened as a fact.

“Miss, where to?”

Josie put on the seatbelt and read out Mason Garden’s address.

She had arranged with Alice before Arnold arrived at the hotel. Alice was to call her in half an hour and
pretend there was something urgent.

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