That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 241

Technical Issues

Josie turned to Kevan. “What’s wrong?”

Kevan took a piece of popcorn from her bucket and popped it in his mouth. “Which character do you
prefer? Between the two girls, who do you like better?”

He was suddenly eager to discuss the film.

Josie glanced at the screen and answered softly, “I prefer the girl who is now scolding the other one.”

“Why? I thought you would prefer the quieter one.”

Most people would like her. She seems timid, like a rabbit. However, she secretly entered a
relationship with the guy while maintaining her crumbling friendship with lies. How is she any different
from the despicable male lead? Still, her good girl act must have helped endear the audience to her.

Josie smiled and explained, “Nothing would have happened if this girl did not take the initiative. Then,
the drama wouldn’t have been so tragic. It is a misconception to say that love is beyond control. In
actuality, love is controllable. However, what drove her to do all these was not love but the sense of
vanity deep within her. She used love as an excuse for her actions. It probably stems from her low self–

Hearing her, Kevan was unsure whether to nod in agreement. He did not expect Josie to make such a
deep analysis of the characters.

His palms broke out in cold sweat. Suddenly, he shouted, “Ms. Jo…”

Josie grunted in response. Her thoughts were clear at this moment.

Suddenly, the cinema turned pitch black. Even the light on the screen was gone. The other audience
began voicing out in panic, “What’s going on?”

The cinema had a sudden blackout in the middle of the movie.

Kevan took the opportunity to hold Josie’s hand. “Don’t be scared.”

Soon, the staff entered the hall and turned on the light, brightening the place. Someone announced,
“I’m sorry, everyone! Our film projector is damaged, and we can’t continue to screen the movie!”

“What? We paid for the tickets!”

“Please calm down, everyone. If you leave this hall now, our staff will give you a gift as an apology.
Also, please remember to keep your tickets. We will have another free screening of this movie at the
same time


In actuality, the audience did not lose anything. Moreover, it could not be helped since the projector
suddenly broke down. Unfortunately, not everyone would have time to make it to the replacement
screening on the next day.

Josie, for one, would not be joining.

After understanding what had happened, the audience grumbled and left the cinema.

Kevan felt sorry for what had happened. “What bad luck. The cinema has technical issues on the rare
chance that we came out for a movie.”

Josie pursed her lips and removed her hand from his hold. She glanced at the time and saw it was still

“Want to go downstairs to…”

“I can’t,” Josie refused straight away. “I have to deal with some matters at home, so I can’t go out too
long.” Then, she paused before continuing, “Thank you for inviting me to a movie tonight.”

After that, she bid him goodbye and turned around to go downstairs. However, Kevan suddenly pulled
her hand. There was slight redness in the, corner of his eyes. “Ms. Jo!”

Josie paused. “What’s wrong?”

“I…” Kevan stuttered. “Happy New Year.”

Josie smiled. “Happy New Year.”

She went outside and found herself on the street full of luxury goods flagship stores.

It was snowing mildly. The pure white snowflakes fell gradually under the illumination of the street
lamps. They landed on the dusty ground and soon became dirtied by people trampling on them.

Josie walked for a while and thought of finding somewhere warm to rest. She considered her family
home, the hospital, the office, and so on. In fact, she considered everywhere except Mason Garden.

She paused and stood still to think.

“Welcome! How may I help you, Miss?”

It was a cold and snowy night, so few people came out to shop. The shop assistants seemed listless.

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