That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 242

A Shopping Spree

The shop assistant was sharp and instantly gauged the price of Josie’s clothes.

She was astounded to discover that her clothes were not from high–end brands but were specially
tailored for her. They were a level of luxury above high–end brands.

The shop assistant perked up immediately.

Josie wanted to try spending extravagantly like how characters did in the novels she read. She kept the
supplementary credit card Dexter gave her in her purse.

She was not sure if he canceled it yet.

It took courage to go on a spending spree. She took a deep breath before pointing at the row of
merchandise and instructed indifferently, “Pack these up for me. I’ll pay with my credit card.”

The supplementary card did not require pin codes.

The shop assistant happily swiped the card. Josie was surprised that it worked.

She was unable to stop after that.

“Can you send the things to this address? Someone will be there to receive them.”

Then, Josie went from store to store along the street and emptied the shelves in each place. She
walked out empty–handed, but delivery vans left to send her purchases to Mason Garden.

She had set out to annoy Dexter.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s secretary received a call from the bank, saying that Dexter’s credit card had an
odd number of transactions that night.

The secretary immediately reported it to Dexter.

Dexter was dealing with work in the car and looked up briefly to read the message from the bank. He
twirled his fingers and looked emotionlessly at the traffic jam ahead.

He had wondered why Josie kept visiting various flagship stores.

It turned out she was spending his


He instructed indifferently, “Tell the bank to raise the spending limit of her card. Then, she will see what
a real shopping spree is.”

On the other hand, Josie was surprised that Dexter never called her. By now, she had shopped until the
end of the shopping street. The card seemed to have no limit.

-She had seen numerous shop assistants smiling from ear to ear and thanking her in various manners.

However, those gave her no joy at all. Instead, she felt even more depressed than before.

The snowfall grew heavier as she stood at the end of the street. She tightened her coat and headed
toward the five–star hotel across the street.

Once she checked in, she called Arnold and said, “I’m in a hotel near Russell Group. My room number
is 1356.”

Arnold was probably outdoors. She heard the wind whirling and howling on his side.

Josie was not interested in listening further and hung up the call. She fell onto the soft bed before
getting up again to bathe.

“Mr. Russell… Mrs. Russell checked into a hotel.” The secretary, tracking Josie’s movements, looked at
Dexter bewilderedly.

Why did she suddenly enter a hotel alone?

Dexter pressed the corner of his eyebrows and speedily typed an email to a subordinate. Then, he shut
his laptop and saw a Cayenne speeding down the street, rushing toward the hotel.

Dexter narrowed his eyes. “Find out which room Mrs. Russell is staying in.”

He knew who was in that car. Only one person in Wavery owned a blue Cayenne.

Meanwhile, Arnold left a business gathering and sped down the road. A snowflake fell on his brow, and
he seemed in high spirits.

The door was not locked.

It opened with a slight push and revealed a brightly lit room. He saw Josie’s coat on the bed and heard
sounds of running water from the bathroom. Arnold’s heartbeat quickened slightly… No, it was beating

Suddenly, an attendant entered with a meal cart. “Good evening, sir. This is the dinner you ordered.”

Arnold noticed the lighted red candles and a bottle of red wine on the cart.

He wondered if the hotel prepared them for Josie or if they were things she specifically requested.

The attendant placed the food on the table and looked at Arnold ambiguously before leaving. He even
closed the door for them.

Soon, Josie came out of the bathroom wrapped securely in a bathrobe. She saw Arnold and nodded
calmly. “Let’s have dinner.”

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