That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 238

She Angered Him

Josie’s heart skipped a beat. She found it hard to believe that the handsome man before her had a
hereditary psychological condition.

She felt anguished whenever she thought about it. Then, she took a deep breath and excused herself,
saying she wanted to return to her room to wash her hands.

In actuality, she sneaked away to make a phone call. “Matt”

Matthew was surprised to receive her call. He sounded unnatural and a little hesitant. “Jo.”

“I want to consult you about something. I have a friend… His mother had a psychological condition.
What is the possibility of him inheriting it?”

“What kind of psychological condition did she have?”

“Erm. She would turn violent and uncontrollable. She even hit her child during one of her extreme

Matthew pondered briefly before replying. “I can help you to ask a colleague in the psychiatry

“Sure, let me know once you find out about it.”

Then, she hung up and put away the phone. She glanced out of the window and discovered Dexter
was no longer there. Thus, she hurried out of the room and opened the door, only to find a lengthy
figure blocking her way.

Dexter stood before her in clothes stained with mud. He looked down at her with cold and emotionless


That chilling calmness sent panic through Josie’s heart.

“Dexter?” Did he hear it?

However, Dexter remained silent. Josie tried to explain, only to be interrupted, “Who told you.”

“I wasn’t talking about.”

“Was it Arnold?”

Josie wanted to deny Arnold’s involvement but could not say anything. She could not lie to Dexter

“Please listen to me. I have no ill intentions. I only wish to

Dexter dropped the shovel from his hand. He turned around without a word and walked out of sight.
Jusic opened her mouth but could not speak. She had never seen him look so alone and disconsolite.

He disappeared for a few days after that incident

She only heard about him again when the tabloid speculated he was involved with a female
entrepreneur They were photographed entering the same hotel.

The design department was buzzing with gossip about the scandal. However, Josie felt terrible, as if
she had been plunged into icy waters.

She wanted to find Dexter to explain the misunderstanding. She moved back to Mason Garden, hoping
to see him. However, he never showed up. Then, she went to his office on the top floor but could not
find him. The secretary would only say that he was away.

It was the final work day before the holiday began. Josie woke up early, as usual, to go to work. She
had no idea which servant made breakfast, but everything on the table was the food she hated.

That worsened her mood and left her without appetite. She drank from a glass of honey water while
typing on her phone to instruct her subordinates about work.

Julie knew Josie’s preference but did not say anything. Josie had an idea about what was going on.

It made her feel depressed. She glanced at the unending snow outside the window and recalled the
historical drama Alice was recently obsessed with.

Dozens of royal mistresses fought for the king’s affection. They schemed and conspired against each
other, securing their position by getting rid of rivals or acting pitifully to secure favor. The king’s love
flitted among them..

It did not matter who he liked. Anyone who lost his favor would lose everything.

What’s the point of all this?

Josie felt a sudden solidarity with the royal mistresses in the drama.

Suddenly, she heard someone come in, and the maid greeted, “Mr. Russell.”

Josie did not look up but left the table with her glass of honey water. However, Dexter grabbed her wrist
and said coldly, “Have breakfast with me.”

Tve eaten breakfast and have to rush off to work, I don’t want to lose my attendance bonus by being

The dining room was silent. Even Julie did not dare to make a sound. The atmosphere was strained by
the tension between Dexter and Josie.

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