That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 237

Let’s Plant a Tree

The matter seemed to be a secret.

Josie saw Laura’s reaction and confirmed Arnold did not lie to her. “It’s true then.”

Laura appeared awkward. She got off the bed and stood on her bare feet. “It’s all in the past.” She
paused. briefly before continuing. “Don’t mention this to him. It’s his sore spot. Do you understand?”

Josie had guessed that. However, Dexter knocked on the door before she could ask more questions.
He must have been tired of waiting and came to urge her to leave.


Josie’s heart skipped a beat. She nodded at Laura and responded, “I’m coming”

After that, Dexter and Josie stayed in the villa for all three days of the New Year’s holiday. They did not
return to Mason Garden.

Perhaps it was due to the festive season, or Josie deliberately avoided arguing with him. Their
relationship. was quite amicable.

Josie secretly researched symptoms of psychosis. Unfortunately, it was too complicated for her to
comprehend. She planned to ask Matthew about it one day

On the other hand, Dexter came to enjoy cooking and did not ask Julie to send food over. Instead, he
cooked their meals and was quite good at it.

He made baked sablefish with white wine and lemon for lunch. He bought the ingredients and cooked
everything by himself.

It was difficult to find sablefish. Josie had a sudden idea when he told her about this and suggested
rearing. it in their pond.

However, Dexter was not amused. He brought her to the pond and explained, “These fishes swam into
the pond from the spring. If you wish to try them, I can cook fish stew tomorrow.”

Between baked sablefish and fish stew, Josie preferred the latter. She liked food sourced locally and
simple home-cooked food.

Dexter observed the gleam in her eyes and took note of her preferences. Then, he helped her tie her
hair and asked casually, “Do you prefer it here or in Mason Garden?”

Josie looked at the carp in the pond. “Here.”

She paused briefly and explained, “When I was younger, Justin and I were sent to the countryside
during the summer holidays. It was a rural village. There was a pond in front of the house and a vast
wheat field at the back. During autumn, the wheat field turned into a sea of gold under the sun. It was a
sight to behold. There was also a river nearby with carp and trout.”

Josie pondered briefly and gestured to Dexter the size of the trout. They were this big”

Dexter pursed his lips before relaxing into a smile.

He imagined Josie as a kid, folding up the hem of her pants to catch fish in the river. She would get her
clothes all wet. The adults would scold her once she got home.

She must have been adorable.

Thus, he instantly figured out how they would live in the future.

“Josie!” Dexter called Josie to the yard after lunch. Someone had delivered many small peach trees to
the yard. She had no idea how Dexter arranged it.

Josie ran outside and looked at the trees in disbelief. “You want to plant trees? It’s winter.”

Dexter had taken off his coat and took up a shovel. Tve consulted someone about it. He said they will


Josie assumed he consulted an expert on this matter.

Although Josie was not entirely convinced, she still helped him to plant the trees.

The dozen of trees were spread out all over the yard. Josie asked while they watered the trees, “Will
they blossom during spring?”

Josie stood straight and looked at the trees that had to survive winter. She felt sorrowful about the
struggles they were about to face, yet she was also encouraged by their perseverance.

The yard will be a sight to behold if these trees survive and blossom in spring.

Suddenly, Josie felt a spark of anticipation for the days to come.

Dexter bent over the plants to water them. He was good-looking even in such a posture. Moreover, his
expression no longer seemed cold but became more youthful.

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