That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 248

Good News

Dexter looked at her in resignation and was moved when he saw the variety of dishes on the table.

He reckoned Josie must have sneaked out secretly and didn’t want to be discovered, so she was
embarrassed now that he bumped into her.

Dexter attempted to tease her, so he drew close and uttered, “Are you nervous because this is your
first time spending the New Year at my place?”

Having been seen through, Josie looked at Dexter sheepishly and mumbled. “That’s not true.”

Dexter laughed and embraced Josie in satisfaction.

Henry had a regular routine and woke up shortly after. He didn’t expect Josie to be awake this early
and invited her to sit with him.

Dexter sat down and said, “Grandpa, Jo woke up early and made all these.”

Henry was surprised. “That’s impressive! Let me give it a taste.”

“I hope you like them,” Josie answered shyly.

The next few days, Josie and the servants decorated the villa with fresh flowers, bringing life to Mason
Garden. While she was bustling around, Dexter and Henry sat in the yard and had tea.

Henry smiled, “Dex, I’m so happy to see you marrying a wife like Jo.”


“The past has passed. You should cherish the present and let go of Leanne’s matter, alright?” Henry
exhorted seriously while looking into Dexter’s eyes.

Dexter’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions as he gazed at Josie, who was plucking flowers in
the yard.

“I understand.”

At ten o’clock that night, the news press and media companies under Russell Group received a set of
pictures simultaneously. The picture captured Dexter and Josie in Mason Garden, but their faces were
not revealed.

The picture was captured while Josie was working on the balcony. Dexter came out to the balcony and
acted intimately with Josie. Then, they seemed to have an argument, which made Josie stand up and
leave, but Dexter quickly hugged her fawningly.

The editors were flabbergasted. They knew Mason Garden was heavily guarded, so the paparazzi
must have been given permission to be able to capture these pictures. Although Dexter was the
conglomerate’s president, the editors reckoned the pictures would not be suppressed. It was even
possible that they were deliberately released!

Dexter’s assistants received countless inquiry calls that night as the recipients’ curiosity brewed. They
acknowledged that the woman in the picture was Dexter’s official girlfriend and allowed the media

companies to release the news.

The embellished pictures and content caused a great commotion after they were released.

Many were convinced that the news couldn’t be fabricated. Since the pictures were released to openly,
along with the PR statement, they guessed the owner of Russell Group was getting married soon.

When Dexter’s assistant boldly asked him if Josie would be upset at how he unilaterally announced
their relationship to the public, he smiled mysteriously and answered, “She won’t know.”

Indeed, Josie rarely surfed the Internet and wouldn’t browse the gossip news even when she needed to
access the Internet for work purposes. She wasn’t someone who was interested in buzzes, which was
beneficial because the Internet could be filled with malicious comments from all kinds of people. It
wasn’t a suitable environment for her.

However, Dexter overlooked that Josie’s friends would also browse the Internet.

“Oh my goodness, Jo! You won’t believe what I saw on the news today!” Alice exclaimed on the phone.

“What is it?”

“I saw news of Mr. Russell dating someone! The girl in the picture looks like you!”

Josie nearly choked on the apple she was munching. “Stop the nonsense…”

“I’m not lying! Let me send it to you. The statements are exactly the same. All media companies under
Russell Group seem to have gone all out!”

Josie checked her laptop and realized the news was already in the headlines.

Rendered speechless, she couldn’t question Dexter because he was not home yet. Does this,
announce our relationship to the public?!

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