That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 245

A Sense of Trepidation

Now that he received accurate news, Dexter could calm down from his fears gradually.

Thest goodness

Luckily, she did not dare to cheat on him. Otherwise, he would have killed her and turned her into a

It was not a threat but a certainty.

Ms. Sharp’s question was met with silence.

Now that Josie was calmer, she reflected on her actions and wondered if she had gone overboard. She
entered the study and returned the book to its place. Then, she checked Dexter’s computer and
essential documents and found nothing wrong.

She reprimanded the servants as she walked past them, “Please do your job properly.”

Ms. Sharp shook with fury. She noticed from Josie’s actions that she was familiar with this place. It
seemed she lived here. Even Ms. Sharp would not dare to speak to the servants in Mason Garden in
the tone Josie used.

Julie realized her mistake. After Josie left, she said, “Ms. Sharp, please follow me outside.”

“Don’t be so careless next time.” The secretary ended the call in the car and immediately sensed a
sharp gaze from the back.

A cold voice sounded, “Who called?”

“It was from a servant in Mason Garden. She said Ms. Sharp met with Mrs. Russell.”

Dexter suddenly recalled that he had invited Ms. Sharp to Mason Garden to negotiate business

He felt Ms. Sharp was quite capable and desired to collaborate with her. However, he was t
preoccupied with Josie that he forgot about her.

“What happened next?”

“Mrs. Josie humiliated Ms. Sharp…”

Dexter’s stern expression thawed slightly, and his lips curved into a slight smile. He leaned against the
car with a hand on the window and briefly closed his eyes. Then, he asked

nay Is the design department in Crong subdiary will bring

secret speedily recalled the relevant information and implied. “Yes”

Den shut his eyes and was greeted with darkness

Trifer Kevan there once the holiday is over.”

“‘”Yes, sir

Joe slept till morning. She immediately woke up and headed to the bathroom, only to realize the door
would not open.

She woke up completely and knew Dexter had returned.

Before she could do anything, the door suddenly opened. Dexter had just finished a bath, causing the
warm steam to gush out of the bathroom. He tied a towel around his waist. leaving his firm and
muscular chest bare. Water dripped down his abs, prompting Josie to blush.

Dexter dried his hair with another towel and looked down at her. “You’re awake.

Josie looked down and did not know what to say. “Yes…”

She could not help but feel awkward now that they were suddenly talking again.

Josie stepped aside and gave him space to walk. Dexter asked languidly, “You bought so man things.
Don’t you want to see them?”

She suddenly realized her purchases had been sent to the closet and arranged properly.

Still, she refused to give in and grumbled softly, “Arrogant, wealthy people.”

Dexter snorted and pulled her over to him. He sat and ordered, “Help me blow my hair dry

“Why should I?” Josie protested.

Dexter looked up upon hearing her, prompting her to back down immediately. “I’ll do it.”

His hair was coarse and felt prickly as she brushed her fingers through them. Josie dried hi hair with a
hairdryer and said softly, “You were here last night, right?”

Dexter put on his pants. “Your voice is too soft. I can’t hear you.”

Josie resisted the urge to scold him and repeated her words loudly.

Dexter sneered and asked, “What do

you think?”

Josie formed her conclusion once she finished drying his hair She set the hairdryer wide and hesitated
for a long time. Then, she observed Dexter’s mood before saying, Erm, can you hug me?”

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