That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 246

Her Heart Ached For Him

Arching his brows, Dexter reached out his hand to pull Josie into his arms. Josie was relieved, thinking
she could cling to him even if he became mad again later.

“I’m sorry, Dexter. I didn’t do it on purpose that day. I asked because I was worried about you. I have no
bad intentions.” Josie babbled quickly, worrying Dexter wouldn’t buy her words.

Dexter was no longer hostile like the other day. He placed his hand on Josie’s waist and didn’t answer
her directly. “Did you meet up with Arnold yesterday to irritate me?”

Josie was reluctant to admit her childish act.

Perceiving her acquiescence, Dexter caressed her hair. “You can rest assured that I’ll not harm you.
Neither do I have a disposition for violence, so don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about that.” Josie quickly said. “I just… feel sorry for your experience.”

Although Josie had lost her mother, she knew how much a family’s behavior could impact the children.
She couldn’t imagine how traumatized Dexter was to be beaten up badly by his own mother and even

She could understand why Dexter was always cold and hostile.

Dexter was surprised to hear Josie’s words. There’s actually someone in this world who feels sorry for

Josie hugged him. “Please don’t take it to heart, Dexter.”

Dexter stood rooted on the ground as complicated emotions arose in him. At that moment, he found
Josie like a wildflower, simple yet attractive.

Dexter got a hold of himself. Feeling Josie’s warm breath, Dexter suddenly placed his hand on her
chest and teased, “Your heart’s pounding, huh? Are you that nervous to draw close to me?”

Josie shot a glare at him but didn’t deny it. She knew he deliberately teased her.

So, she didn’t bother with him but remained silent like an upset little girl.

“You must be happy to be with your rumored girlfriend the past few days.”

Josie’s remark pleased Dexter. Sitting beside her, he pulled up his sweatpants, revealing his appealing

Her Heart Ached For Him

He peeled a grape and sent it to Josie’s mouth, but the latter turned her head away and rejected it.

“She’s just a business partner. The footage of us appearing together in a hotel is a result of video

“I see.” Josie hummed aloofly.

Dexter continued, “I’ll send someone to fetch your father here today. Grandpa will be here too, and we’ll
celebrate the New Year together.”

Josie paused her action and finally engaged in conversation with him. “Really?”

“Mm-hmm. The servants can help to take care of your father.” Dexter answered casually.

Josie uttered with a smile, “Thank you, Dexter.”

Dexter peeled another grape and put it in his mouth. Then, Dexter unexpectedly pulled Josie over and
pressed his soft lips against hers.

The sugary grape juice flowed from Dexter’s mouth into Josie’s, enhancing the sweetness of their kiss.

Josie was forced to accept his kiss, yet Dexter reached to feel her heartbeat again and started
caressing her more presumptuously.

Josie attempted to avoid Dexter, but Dexter was relentless in his pursuit. Her voice became. hoarse as
she muttered, “It’s daytime now.”

However, Dexter refused to stop. He wiped away the juice at the corner of her lips and hummed, “I’ve
missed you so much the past few days. That woman’s company wants to use me to create a sensation.
I’m not related to her in any way.”

“It’s daytime now.” Josie repeated.

Dexter had his limits despite his fervent desire, so he calmed down slightly. Nonetheless, he was
experienced enough to see through Josie’s superficial rejection.

The next second, he carried Josie in his arms and walked toward the bed.

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