That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 239

A Chance Meeting

Dexter dragged Josie back to her seat. “Ill pay you double.”

The servant immediately removed the food on the table and replaced them with the food Dexter liked.

Josie’s expression darkened. The new servant stood by the table and seemed eager to please Dexter.
“It’s my fault. I don’t know Mrs. Russell’s food preferences.”

Dexter seemed famished. He ate without taking off his coat. There were flakes of snow on his

After a few bites of food, he glanced at Josie’s glass of honey water and responded, “There’s no need
to apologize. Did you hear her say anything?”

Josie pursed her lips. She had thought for many days about how she should explain the matter.
However, she could not bring herself to speak.

“I heard you were looking for me recently.” He looked at her with cold indifference.

“You seemed busy recently. I have a document requiring your signature but could never find you” Josie
forced out a smile.

She could not understand why Dexter was doing this. She meant well for him, but he repaid her with
cold. abandonment and humiliated her with scandals.

“You can give it to the secretary.”


That was the end of their conversation.

The last day of work came to an end. Josie could not stop thinking about what had happened during
breakfast. She packed her things absentmindedly and left the design department with Alice and the
others. Meanwhile, Alice discussed the latest popular film with Kevan.

“Let’s watch it. I have to return home tomorrow. It will be half a month before we meet again.”


“Ms. Jo, do you want to go? It’s my treat.” Kevan’s words awakened Josie from her daze.

Josie did not care about the movie. However, she knew she could not meet Dexter if she returned to
Mason Garden. Even if she did see him, he would only mock her with his sarcasm.


By now, most of the employees had left the building. Thus, the elevator was much less crowded than
before. However, no one expected to see Dexter when the elevator door opened.

Dexter seemed cold and stern, as usual. A secretary stood behind him.

Josie uniled stiffly. It was unusual for him to be here at this hour.

Even Kevan was a little stunned. He tugged Josie’s sleeve and greeted, “Mr. Russell”

Kevan had only seen Dexter a handful of times since joining Russell Group. He was in awe of his

presence every time.

Josie looked at Dexter and remained silent.

It made Kevan nervous.

Dexter nodded in acknowledgment of his greeting and moved to the side to create more space. It
meant he invited them to join him in the elevator.

Kevan and Alice dared not refuse and dragged Josie into the elevator.

Josie stood stiffly in the cramped corner. She could not escape Dexter’s minty fragrance and instantly
felt awake.

The elevator traveled down slowly, prolonging the awkward silence between them.

Josie chose to play with her phone.

The elevator finally stopped. At the same time, Alice’s phone rang. “Hello? Mom?”

“What? I will go home now! Wait for me!”

Then, she turned to Josie and whispered excitedly. “My mother arranged for me to have a blind date
with a handsome man. I have to leave now. You can watch the movie with Kevan.”

“Make sure to grab this chance,” Alice said and winked hintingly. She disapproved of Josie’s husband
and felt Kevan was a better choice.

Hearing Alice’s tone, Josie lost any desire to play with her phone. She glanced at Kevan and noticed
he seemed awkward. Even his ears were red.

The elevator door closed again. Josie sensed the chilly aura from the body beside her.

Dextor’s voice filled her ears. “Are you going to watch a movie?”

Kevan was stunned by Dexter suddenly striking up a conversation with him. He thought Dexter did it to
understand his employees better.

At the same time, Kevan thought it would be advantageous to flatter his employer.

“Yes, Mr. Russell. It’s recently been a popular romantic film.”

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