That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 240

A Steamy Scene

Unexpectedly, Dexter did not respond or look at Kevant

Thus, Kevan had choice but to shut up.

The elevator arrived at the underground car park. Josie was the first to leave and did not spare a
backward glance Kevan bid Dexter goodbye before running to catch up with Josie

Dexter frowned upon seeing them.

The secretary sensed his bad mood and felt nervous.

“What’s the film about?”

“Oh The secretary pondered before explaining awkwardly, T. I haven’t had time to watch it, but I read
the reviews. I think it has a steamy scene.””

She had worked for Dexter for many years Thus, she knew what Dexter wanted to hear and what
would make him angry.

As expected, Dexter’s expression darkened rapidly upon hearing her.

Meanwhile, Kevan caught up with Josic.

Many people were already waiting outside the cinema.

The cinema was located on a plaza belonging to Dester. They came out of the underground
supermarket and saw it was crowded everywhere. Moreover, the place was prosperous due to its
proximity to Russell Group

Kevan bought fried chicken and popcorn for Josie, but she refused it repeatedly. She would have liked
those things a few years ago, but she had since learned to take care of herself and had not had junk
food for a long time.

Moreover, she had lived in Mason Garden for so long that her taste bud became refined.

Who knew it was that easy to develop a different habit?

In short, it was hard to return to ordinary life after one got used to luxury.

Josie stared at Kevan’s sad expression dazedly until the surrounding noises alerted her that the movie
was about to begin.

She took the bucket of popcorn from Kevan and smiled, Tll have the popcorn”

Josie was twenty-two years old but usually appeared mature beyond her young age. Thus, Kevan was
surprised to see her relaxed and genume smile. It made her seem even more youthful than usual.

Moreover, with her fair and flawless skin, her smile reminded him of white pear blossoms in full bloom

Kevan was briefly stunned before running to catch up with Josic

Their seats were at the back. The movie begau right after they were seated

The opening credit listed the movie’s investors One of them was Dexter’s recently rumores gulfriend.

Josie pretended not to notice it.

The film was about two girls in love with the same guy. One boldly expressed her love, while the other
concealed her feelings. The film focused on the friendship of the two girls who were best friends. On
the other hand, the male lead turned out to be a scumbag the audience despised. He was indecisive
and desired both girls. He arrogantly believed he deserved to have everything.

A few audience members began to shed tears halfway into the movie.

There was a scene in the bathroom where the two girls fought. They pulled at each other’s clothes and
splashed water at each other. Accusations were thrown around, and tears were shed. The scene
ended with them apologizing to each other.

Josie was focused on the movie. The light from the screen shone on her face and made her glow

“I thought you were my best friend! How could you fall in love with him?”

The girl slapped her friend.

“Two…. two years… Did you sleep with him? You make me nauseous. How could you be so

The other girl slapped back and tried to tear off her friend’s clothes.

“You d’mn b*tch!”

However, the girl grabbed her hand before she could slap her. “You call me a b*tch? Have you no
conscience? Did you ever truly see me as your friend? How dare you blurt such blatant lies?”

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Only idots will let themselves be tricked by the same lies repeatedly.

“Ms. Jo?” A soft voice called out to her, waking her from her thoughts.

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