That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 244

Humiliating the Tabloid Girlfriend

It was late at night, and the servants in Mason Garden were finishing up work for the day.

Julie opened the door and was surprised to see Josie. “Mrs. Russell.”

Josie demanded expressionlessly, “I want to see Dexter.”

She did not wait for Julie to respond and entered the house. “I know he’s here.”

His car was parked outside.

Julie immediately blocked her way. “It’s not the right time. Mrs. Russell, please let me inform him first.”

Josie glared at her for the first time. I’m his wife. Why do I need you to seek permission to meet him?”

However, Julie still refused to let her through, prompting anger within Josie. She shoved Julie’s hand
away, leaving a big red mark on it.

There was no one in the master bedroom.

Josie rushed around and stopped before the study, noticing the door open. Josie looked at the
servant’s expression and knew something was going in there.

Before she could ponder further, a voice sounded, “What’s wrong?”

Josie could not see the speaker, but her voice sounded familiar.

Soon, a woman in a black dress came out of the study. She carried a book and appeared dignified and
relaxed. Josie had seen her before. She was the person the tabloid claimed was Dexter’s girlfriend, an
entrepreneur called Ms. Sharp.

“Ms. Sharp.”

Ms. Sharp looked at her arrogantly and asked, “Who are you?”

Josie calmed her fury immediately. She did not answer her but walked past her into the study.
Unexpectedly, there was no one in the study. She pushed open the lounge door and saw that it was

Julie rushed to Josie and answered. “Mr. Russell is not at home.”

“He has invited Ms. Sharp here as a guest.”

Dexter had called to inform Julie about this, so she did not hesitate to invite Ms. Sharp to wait in the
study. Moreover, Ms. Sharp was charming.

Her words made Josie think Ms. Sharp frequently met with Dexter in Mason Garden while she was
absent. -She approached Ms. Sharp intimidatingly. Then, she glanced at Ms. Sharp’s hand and
realized she was

holding the interior design book Dexter had bought for her.

Josie snatched the book and smiled stillly. “Ms. Sharp, this is Mr. Russell’s study. He doesn’t simply
allow anyone to enter here. Since you’re a guest, I hope you conduct yourself with manners befitting a

She waved the book and opened the cover to show her the title page. “Please refrain from touching
other people’s things.”

Ms. Sharp’s expression darkened. Her expression changed completely, losing all traces of her previous



There was a name written on the page. Josie Warren.

It was Dexter’s handwriting. He wrote with such force that he left an imprint on the page below.

Josie had a habit of writing her name on her book since she was a student.

Dexter had beautiful handwriting. Thus, she pestered him to write the title page and joked that if they
divorced, she might be able to provide for herself using his signature.

Seeing Ms. Sharp’s furious expression, Josie realized her effort to coax Dexter to write on the page
had paid off.

Josie had waggled the title page before her eyes. Ms. Sharp knew by now whose book this was.

Ms. Sharp narrowed her eyes. “Who the heck are you?

Meanwhile, Dexter stood grimly outside room number 1359 and looked at the opposite room, room
number 1356.

An attendant came out of the room after tidying it. “Sir, how may I help you?”

“Is someone inside?”

“The guest has already checked out.”

Dexter’s secretary trembled fearfully and explained, “Mr. Russell, it was an accident. I didn’t realize I
made. a mistake.”

If the bodyguards keeping watch outside hadn’t called to inform that Josie had left, Dexter would have
burst into fury after searching the wrong room. He might even tear down the hotel.

Then, he would kill his secretary.

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