That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 247

A Lively Home

Josie’s phone fell from her hand onto the ground.

That afternoon, dark clouds loomed over the city, followed by a raging thunderstorm.

Being pressed underneath Dexter, Josie could only submit, knowing her resistance was futile.

Dexter was extraordinarily passionate that day; Josie found his foreplay irresistible.

She clung to him tightly and closed her eyes, wallowing in the pleasure.

It was two hours away from dinner time when it ended.

Josie lay beside Dexter and asked carefully, “What kind of person is your mother?”

After remaining silent briefly, Dexter held Josie’s hand and fidgeted with her fingers insouciantly.

“She’s very dominant.”

Her name was Xanthe Quorn, and she was influential in the business circle.

Dexter’s father passed away when Dexter was still a child, so Xanthe single-handedly raised him in the
treacherous Russell family and experienced countless schemes and betrayals.

Russell Group was once under the control of Yanis and went through a turbulent period. thereafter. It
was Xanthe who took the lead and leveraged the power of her original family to stabilize the situation.
Ten years later, Dexter made a solid return to Russell Group and became the sole authority.

After that, Xanthe left the Russell family uninhibitedly and dissociated herself from family affairs.

Many regarded Dexter as their idol for his charismatic leadership, but those who analyzed the situation
would know that Xanthe played a vital role in Dexter’s success.

Most businesswomen were domineering. However, she didn’t love Dexter and refused to acknowledge
him as her son.

Dexter stopped talking about that, while Josie didn’t ask further.

One could hardly imagine such a woman to be mentally ill.

Dexter kept his promise and fetched Paul to Mason Garden. Soon, Henry and Marilyn arrived and had
dinner together after visiting Paul.

The rare occasion allowed Josie to feel the long-lost atmosphere of a family reunion finally.

The next day, the servants started their duties just as the sun rose.

The chef was astonished when Josie appeared in the kitchen. “Mrs. Russell.”

Josie gestured for the chef to lower his voice and asked, “What are we having for breakfast today?”

Every morning, the chef would prepare a variety of American breakfasts and Continental breakfasts.

“I’ll prepare the American breakfast. Can you teach me if I made any mistakes?”

The chef was caught off guard. “Mrs. Russell, I can’t let you prepare

Josie signaled for him to keep quiet again.

The chef fell silent, hesitating if he should give in.


Josie was a skillful cook, and her prepared dishes were visually appealing. The kitchen was filled with
the aroma of the pastries she baked. Besides, she prepared smoothies with fresh fruits and milk.

The petite lady bustled around the kitchen, working in an organized manner despite being busy. Even
the chef was impressed by her cooking skills.

While praising Josie, the chef thought Dexter had married a decent woman.

Ten minutes later, Dexter woke up and realized Josie was not in the room. He sobered up when he
reached out his hand and felt the empty bed.

When he went downstairs, Josie was walking out of the kitchen with a plate in her hand. She
accidentally scalded herself and rubbed her ear with her fingers.

When she looked up and saw Dexter staring at her with a frown, she was startled and instinctively hid
her hand behind her back.

Dexter strode over and held her hand to examine it. He was relieved after ensuring Josie was not

“When did you wake up?” He asked.

Josie pushed him away and did not answer his question. “I smell from cooking.”

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