That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 251

A Welcome Gift

Wyatt’s remark showed two things. One was that Dexter treated his younger brother well.

And that Wyatt’s ‘wifey’ did not have a positive connotation to it.

Dexter held Josie’s hand tightly. The smile on his lips did not reach his eyes. “Now that I’ve seen you,
I’ll have to make spot checks on your results.”

Wyatt scrunched his face. “You’re annoying.”

The room was filled with laughter.

Wyatt laughed and suddenly changed the topic. “Josie, I heard you graduated from Wavery

“That’s true.”

“So, you’re my senior.” His canine teeth gleamed through his smile. I’m a fourth year there. We can

meet from now on.”

At a loss for words, Josie smiled.

After all, smiling as a response was a safe bet most of the time.

Yanis interrupted the conversation and instructed the display cases to be opened. A stunning array of
bracelets were placed within..

They were made of emerald.

Wyatt remarked, “Dad ordered this collection from Colombia and had them shipped it here within one


Yanis explained. “It’s Josie’s first time here. I can’t let you leave empty-handed. Choose whichever you
like. There’s no need to be shy.”

Josie was unfamiliar with the gemstone but could see they were costly. “I didn’t bring any gifts with me.
How can I accept these?”

Her gaze drifted toward Dexter. He rose from his seat and held her hand. He scanned through the
display case with a sharp look. “This is a small token of a gift from Uncle Yanis. Just accept it.”

He picked out a beautiful bracelet and put it on her wrist.

For one moment, a look of disdain gleamed from his eyes.

With his action, all in the room saw the brightening glare from the jade bracelet on her wrist.

Some were astonished.

It finally sank in that the eldest son in the family had married.

After that, Josie met numerous other elders in the family. They had distinguishing features, but none
left at deep impression as Yanis did.

The bracelet felt heavy.

The others smiled at her, but all she felt was the dead weight. Dexter’s words kept reappearing in her
mind. Tread lightly. Do not trust anyone.

Suddenly, she realized that with Dexter’s guidance, she easily managed to converse with the family

As Yanis and Dexter chatted about the matters within the family, he occasionally brought up topics
about business unreservedly. Dexter was amiable through it all, unlike his actual emotions.

When all the family members had arrived, after a flurry of small talk, they lined up and headed toward
the family estate energetically.

Dexter was at the front with a nervous Josie next to him.

Years ago, the family had shares in Russell Group until Dexter came on the scene and took it all back.
Many of them were unwaged. Now that the company was doing well, they were eyeing and hoping to
get a


Even with all of the flattery in the world, none of them could compete with Wyatt, who threw out a
request carelessly. “Dexter, I need to look for a place for my internship. Can you get me into Russell.

Dexter did not refuse and teased him. “You haven’t shown me your results for this semester.”

Wyatt smiled. “I’ll bring it to you right away.”

“Sure,” Dexter replied.

The family estate was large with cumbersome rituals. Josie imitated them blindly and managed to keep
up. As she bowed with everyone else, she finally felt that she was a part of the family. One that would
not be easily removed from the family.

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