That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 255

She’s Back

The day was slowly transitioning into the evening, and fireworks were already lighting up the sky in the
distance, creating a festive atmosphere.

Wyatt had been waiting by the door for who knows how long. When he saw Dexter and Josie, he said,
“Hey, Dex. Jo, can’t you guys stay a few more days? It’s a shame you only come back a couple of
times a year. Dad would love it if you could stay longer before leaving again.”

Locking eyes with Josie, Dexter nodded with a smile. “We’d stay longer if we could, Wyatt, but you
know the deal. Grandpa’s expecting my report, and we can’t keep him waiting. Luckily, with everyone
here keeping an eye on the family estate, we can rest a little easier.“

Wyatt didn’t say anything more after that.

They exited the premises in the company of a few other visitors. Josie quickly checked her phone,
finding nothing unexpected. Their car, parked at the entrance, remained unharmed. She didn’t
understand why Arnold had called on such short notice, insisting she leaves immediately after the

Josie felt the urge to share this with Dexter, but knowing his ongoing issues with Arnold and his dislike
for her communicating with him, she kept the information to herself.

Fortunately, it didn’t seem like a big deal for now.

Yanis and a few others gathered at the door, seeing them off.

Politely, Yanis said to Josic, “We probably won’t see each other until Christmas. Take care until then.”

Josie smiled, nodding, and held onto Dexter’s arm, getting ready to step into the car.

Just as the driver opened the car door, a gray Lincoln suddenly appeared, driving in the opposite
direction with its high beams on. Everyone’s attention turned to the unexpected vehicle, momentarily
freezing them in their tracks.

The ceremony was done and dusted. There shouldn’t be anyone else showing up now.

Who could it be?

Dexter squinted his eyes, instinctively tightening his grip on Josie’s wrist.

The approaching Lincoln pulled up right behind his Mercedez AMG G 63. Then, the driver stepped out
and opened the backseat door. Before they could catch a glimpse of the person’s face, a voice said,
“No matter how hard I tried to rush, I still ended up being late.”

It was a vibrant woman’s voice, not young but bursting with life.

Josie’s heart skipped a beat. She instinctively turned to look at the man by her side and saw his face
cloud over as he fixed his gaze on the woman.

She was a middle-aged woman, seemingly advanced in years, yet her attire was meticulous. She wore
a vintage dress with a light yellow mink coat gracefully draping over it, emanating an aura of elegance.

She leisurely removed her sunglasses and glanced at the crowd, noting their surprised expressions,

pleased her greatly.

Someone exclaimed, and Wyatt even stepped forward and called, “Dex…”

Josie couldn’t discern Dexter’s expression as he immediately assumed a protective stance, pulling her
behind him.

“Xanthe? Why did you come back?” Yanis was the first to respond, his hand trembling even with the
support of a cane.

Xanthe? She’s Xanthe Quorn?

Josie’s eyes widened in realization. Just as she had imagined, this woman had a commanding
presence. As she approached, the intensity in her eyes mirrored Dexter’s.

So… Dexter’s mother wasn’t gone; she was still alive.

Josie had always assumed that he refrained from discussing his mother because she had passed

Little did she know, Xanthe was not only alive but also thriving.

“Hey bro, seems like I’m not welcomed here.” Xanthe carried herself with poise. She stood before
Dexter, maintaining an intense gaze while conversing with others.

“When did you come back?”

“Just got off the plane. Since it’s the New Year, I figured I should swing by and visit the family.”

Dexter remained silent, and his gaze turned away. Towering over Xanthe, he put her at an unexpected

“And who’s this?” Finally, Xanthe’s attention fell upon the timid and petite woman standing behind him.

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