That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 253

Didn’t You Say You’re Hungry?

Josie found herself enveloped in his arms, her head resting against his impeccably chiseled jawline.
His warm breath encircled her, offering comfort in this foreign place.

Dexter’s embrace radiated a sense of authority, as if silently assuring her he would be her protector.
She need not worry about anything.

The pantry was stocked with an array of food. Josie nibbled on her lip as she contemplated her options.

“How about Bolognese meatballs?” As she was tiptoeing to fetch something from the shelves, she
proposed while setting a can of Bolognese sauce on the pristine white marble countertop.

Dexter grabbed a few more ingredients, ran them under the water, and mischievously tapped her
bosom. “Alright, you can go now. I’ll be finished soon.”

Uh, this guy…

Josie glared at him, her cheeks flushed with annoyance and abashment.

He winked and teased. “Wait for me.”

Amused by his cheeky response, Josie muttered, “Rascal!”

She left the kitchen and noticed the papers


the table. She asked, “Mind if I take a peek?”

It was just an ordinary resume, with Wyatt’s ID photo attached. The Russell family certainly had good
genes; they managed to look good even in the typically awkward ID photos. Josie placed it back on the
table as there wasn’t much informative content in the resume.

Then she turned around and saw Dexter cuttin at ease as if he belonged there.

tomatoes. The tall man stood in the kitchen, completely

Actually, Dexter had always been skilled in cooking. Although it was a rare occurrence, he had cooked
for her multiple times in the past.

But now, back at Russell family estate… If his family or servants discovered that the young master was
cooking for her, would they hold it against her?

Josie’s eyes flickered with conflicted emotions, and she approached him, skillfully cracking an egg into
a bowl.

Dexter glanced at her and playfully fed her a taste of the bolognese sauce, asking. “Want to lend a

Josie enjoyed the sweet and savory taste. She casually digressed, “What about Wyatt… Has he ever
seen me before?”

Dexter arched an eyebrow and fed her another spoonful, replying, “Perhaps not. Our family is quite
traditional. He had minimal interaction with the outside world before graduating college.”

It dawned on Josie that Wyatt had been sheltered in an ivory tower, utterly oblivious to the outside

She couldn’t fathom how the Russell family could be so strict and rigid with their sons. Unable to
contain her impression, she blurted out, “Gosh. How backward and primitive the thinking!”

“Primitive?” Dexter smirked, lightly tapping her delicate nose. “You’re so innocent.”

Tracing his finger along her lips, he paused for a moment.

There was a stain of Bolognese sauce on her lip, its vibrant red color inviting him to taste it, and her
lips… Josie was unaware of the intense and desperate flicker in the man’s eyes. She was distracted by
the pot of Bolognese sauce left on the countertop. Quietly, she reached out her hand, attempting to
sneak a…

But, caught in the act! Josie’s wrist was swiftly seized against her back while Dexter’s lips descended


It wasn’t a fiery and passionate kiss. But a teasing, fleeting, and tender peck that made Josie burst into
laughter as she tried to evade his playful advances, “Hey! I’m hungry!”

Unbeknownst to Josie, her innocent remark about hunger triggered a chain reaction she wasn’t
unprepared for.

In her mind, it was an explicit statement on her empty stomach, not about sexual intimacy. But in an
instant, Josie found herself caught in a passionate exchange of kisses as she couldn’t resist the
temptation. With a dominating, heart-stopping deep kiss, Dexter explored every nook and cranny of her
mouth, their tongues entwined in a tight embrace.

Josie was swept away by the intensity of his breath, enveloping her with a powerful presence.

As Dexter gently sucked the remnants of pasta sauce from around her lips, he couldn’t help but agree
that it had a delightful blend of sweetness and savory flavors.

A chuckle escaped him, causing the vibrations in his chest to reverberate through Josie’s body, leaving
her trembling in his arms.

A sense of impending chaos overwhelmed Josie as she realized things were spiraling beyond her
control. It was evident that Dexter had no intentions of holding back. Without hesitation, he hoisted her
up by the waist and gently settled her onto the sofa outside.

The midday sun blazed above; it was lunchtime.

Dexter’s audacious behavior caught Josie off guard. She never anticipated such audacity in this

Although she wanted to decline, there was an intense longing in his eyes. Dexter teased, “Didn’t you
say you were hungry?”

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