That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 256

My Mother Died Early

Josie unconsciously curled her toes, feeling exposed under the woman’s penetrating gaze.

“We should go now. Grandpa’s waiting for us at home,” Dexter said with indifference. He took hold of
Josie’s hand and guided her towards the car.

Just as he was about to step inside, Xanthe said, “Dexter, I just got back. Will you join me in paying
respects to your father?”

A hush fell over the crowd.

Dexter, one foot already in the car, paused and straightened his posture. He responded with a
detached tone, “Who are you?”

Xanthe’s pupils dilated, the creases around her eyes deepening. “I’m your mother.”

“Mother? My mother passed away long ago, he retorted.

His remark left some people gasping in shock.

Josie held her breath, witnessing their intense confrontation.

Suddenly, Xanthe raised her hand and slapped Dexter across the face.

A sharp sound filled the air as his head turned from the impact. Startled, Josie quickly rushed out of the
car and shielded him, admonishing Xanthe, “What have you done?”

Xanthe’s furious gaze shifted to her. “Who do you think you are? It’s not your place to interfere while
I’m teaching my son a lesson.”

Josie’s legs trembled in front of the authoritative Xanthe. Summoning her courage, she wanted to
protect Dexter. “Didn’t you hear him say that his mother had passed away long ago?!”

Xanthe let out a furious chuckle. Her frail figure made her seem delicate, as if a gust of wind could
knock her down. She glanced at the wedding rings on their fingers. “Ah, so you’re the girl he had
chosen to marry.”

Josie wanted to say something, but the words failed to escape her lips.

“Just as expected, a boring peasant.”

Xanthe’s intense gaze remained fixed on Dexter as she challenged, “Are you really just going to stand
there and let this woman fight your battles?”

Licking the blood at the corner of his lips, he exuded intense aggression. Once again, he pulled Josie
protectively behind him. “Go ahead and get in the car.”

Josie hesitated, anxious about what might unfold.

Dexter called for his bodyguards. Josie had no choice but to enter the car reluctantly. The door closed,
and the driver locked it. She was confined inside, only able to catch glimpses of Dexter reentering the
Russell family estate, closely followed by Xanthe.

They exchanged words, but their voices were drowned out.

Josie could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Why did Xanthe choose this moment to come back? What does she want? Why did Dexter seem
trapped, refuse to face her, yet unable to confront her?

Is it because of me? Josie couldn’t help wondering.

After waiting for about half an hour, with no sign of Dexter and the others coming out from the family
estate, just as Josie was about to persuade the driver to let her out, a servant approached the car and
relayed a message to the driver.

“Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell instructed me to take you back to Mason Garden first,” the driver informed as
he started the car engine.

“No… why? What about him?” Josie’s words came out jumbled, but she couldn’t contain her confusion.

The driver had no answer to her questions.

On New Year’s Eve, the city streets were filled with cars adorned with lights and the joy of festivities in
every household, including Mason Garden. But without Henry by her side, the special New Year’s
atmosphere seemed incomplete, and its charm faded somehow.

Henry seemed to sense her distress and gestured for Josie to sit. “Come, let’s eat first. Marilyn and
Julie have been busy preparing your favorite dishes all day.”

Josie forced a smile, not wanting to show her dejection in front of Henry, but her mind was elsewhere.
Looking at Henry, she could also see the worry etched on his face.

Facing the empty dining table, she couldn’t resist asking. “Grandpa, what happened?”

Henry let out a sigh, filled with regret. “I had hoped we could have a proper family dinner, but it seems
that won’t be happening…”

Witnessing his disappointment, Josie felt a sense of unease and called for the servants. “Please put
away the dishes for now. We’ll reheat them when Mr. Russell returns, and we can all eat together later.”

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