That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 249

New Year’s Eve

Mason Garden was filled with a festive mood on New Year’s Eve.

Josie dragged Dexter along early in the morning to hang up some decorations at the entrance. Dexter
was tall and could easily put them up. He turned to ask Josie if the angle was appropriate.

Josie observed carefully and said, “Hmm.. Slightly to the left. Yeah, yeah. Looks good now”

Marilyn, who was watering the plants, said to Henry with a wide grin. “Dex has never helped to
decorate the house all these years. Only Jo could persuade him.”

Dexter complained, “Ms. Marilyn, I was busy the past few years. You make it sound like I’m lazy”

That’s true. When have you not been busy? I’m glad that Jo is around this year. Marilyn looked at Jo
and gave her a thumbs up.

Josie blushed in embarrassment. Henry beckoned her over. “Come here, Jo. This is my new year’s gift
to you. Keep it

It was an envelope filled with a pile of cash. Josie rejected it immediately. “I can’t accept it, Grandpa.
I’m a working adult now, so I shouldn’t receive this money from you.”

However, Henry insisted and forcefully shoved the envelope into Josie’s hand. “That’s not an issue at
all. No matter how old you are, you’re still a child to me. Moreover, you are my new granddaughter-in-
law. Just take it as my blessing to you.”

Josie looked at Dexter, who nodded, signaling her to accept it.

Later, when there were only two of them, Josie whispered, “That’s too much money. I should return it to


Dexter chuckled. “It’s a gift from Grandpa. You may keep it for yourself.”

“Alright, then. Since you said so, I shall take it.” Upon perceiving Dexter’s noncommittal stance, Josie
was assured and kept the envelope away.

After breakfast, Josie went to check in on Paul. Paul was taken good care of by the servants, who were
more dedicated than the caretakers. Not only that, she could visit him whenever she wanted. So, she
was extremely grateful to Dexter for that.

“Dad, can you feel it? The Russells treat me well. Don’t worry about me.” Sitting beside the bed, Josie
held Paul’s hand and mumbled, “Please wake up soon. Dexter’s grandpa is old and lonely. If you
regain consciousness, he must be glad to have someone to chat with. Last time, he asked me what
your occupation was before you fell ill. I told him proudly that you were a great doctor who has served
the poor and sick for many years.”

“By the way, you might not know that Dexter’s father passed away long ago. Dexter is a cold person.
How great it would be if you could show care to him as a fatherly figure.”

Josie continued talking to Paul until a servant came to knock on the door. “Mrs. Russell, the car is
ready. It’s time to go.”

By tradition, the Russell family would head to the ancestral hall for ancestral worship on New Year’s
Eve. Josie’s identity as Dexter’s wife was no longer a secret, so she would naturally have to attend the

“Coming.” Josie left the room and did not notice Paul’s finger move.

She returned to her room to pick a suitable outfit. Then, she wore the bracelet Henry gave her. The
other family members might not readily acknowledge her as the new daughter-in-law. As such, the
bracelet. could help to make her presence known.

During the two-hour journey, Dexter spoke rapidly to inform Josie about the family’s history and its
members to prepare her mind so that Josie could handle the situation even if he were absent.

He made a clear statement. “Josie, remembering is not enough, but I need you to act it out.”

Josie understood the deep meaning and importance of Dexter’s exhortation.

Dexter rubbed the ring on his finger until he could feel its warmth. He was gradually getting used to
wearing a ring.

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