That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 254

Her Tearful Eyes

Josie couldn’t believe his audacity…

She never expected Dexter to be so audacious and shameless. With no choice, she reluctantly allowed
him to have his way. And that was her second blunder. By the time they finally untangled, dusk was


Exhausted, Josie let him assist in cleaning up and getting dressed. Finally, she nestled into his arms,
feeling drowsy and no longer concerned about her hunger, “I want some water.”

Then, a glass of cool water was brought to her lips in no time, quenching her dry throat and providing
much-needed relief.

She heard the spirited man ask in a low voice, “Are you still hungry?”

In her groggy state, Josie weakly declined, “No, let me rest for a while, okay?”

“Alright, we’ll head home after you’ve had some rest.” Dexter chuckled, satisfied with her response. In a
better mood, he carried her back to bed. Both of them were weary from the day’s events, so they
simply tidied up and drifted off to sleep together.

The room temperature was comfortable, but Josie, feeling a bit warm, kicked off the blanket. Dexter
frowned. After a while, she began to feel cold and instinctively snuggled closer to the source of warmth,
wrapping her arms around him.

Eventually, Josie drifted into a deep slumber.

As Dexter observed her series of actions, his furrowed brows finally relaxed. He tenderly studied her
rosy cheeks and long lashes in the soft glow of the bedside lamp. The more he looked, the stronger the
fluttering in his heart became. He glanced at the rings adorning their fingers and felt a subtle buzz in his


He felt a sense of belonging and security.

That night, Dexter had a dream that was a reality he had lived before. He and Josie had crossed paths
in the past. In the year he had just taken over Russell Group, he had a group of loyal employees who
worked tirelessly alongside him.

After years of hard work, Calvin and some of the employees insisted on throwing a celebration for him.
However, they all got drunk, and Dexter had to arrange transport for them and make sure they got
home. safely.

After sending them back to their place, he leaned against the car and lit a cigarette, gazing at the stars.
It was the first time in his life that he felt a sense of disorientation.

He had always considered himself rational with clear goals, but now he felt lost… Dexter’s grandfather
had always steered him towards his future path but never once asked if there was anything he truly
wanted for himself.

The sight of the ever-changing city filled him with a growing weariness. It was a night unlike any other
when he found himself grappling with uncertainty and questioning the very path he had chosen to

Not far away, a girl stood at a telephone booth, making a call. She was in tears, trying to speak loudly
to overpower her sobs. Every word she uttered resonated in his ears.

Through her words, Dexter learned of her father’s illness and the family’s financial struggles. Her
predicament mirrored the mundane challenges of everyday life, similar to the struggles that weighed on
every individual, seemingly insurmountable at times.

Her tear-stained face and the fallen receiver on the ground revealed the depth of her sorrow. She made
a valiant effort to compose herself, attempting to pick up the receiver but struggling to rise from her
crouched position.

In that poignant moment, Dexter was overcome with an intense desire to reach out and offer solace,
even if it was just a few comforting words. The sight of her anguish stirred a profound concern within
him as if he feared she might suffocate and fade away in the very next breath.

Witnessing her anguish made him realize the insignificance of his own momentary confusion.

Drawing closer to her, he suddenly halted in his tracks. It struck him that she was actually an employee
at the Russell Group, making this encounter outside their usual workplace quite unexpected.

Fast forward to the present. Ever since their marriage, Dexter had developed a habit of studying her
intently. Josie’s eyes possessed remarkable clarity and purity. In that very instant, a realization washed
over him he never wanted to witness her tears again.

Josie had barely drifted off when she opened her eyes to find Dexter lost in thought, his her. Startled,
she inquired, “When did you wake up?”

“Did you get enough rest?” Dexter straightened her clothes. “Let’s head back now. Grandpa called and
said dinner’s ready.”


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