That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 236

Who Told You

Dexter got up to find a hot compress for her eyes.

Josie rubbed her eyes and rolled to the other side of the bed to find her phone. She wanted to call.
Matthew as she was worried that something would happen.

However, Dexter had already returned. He sat on the bed and patted her head. “Get up. Let me check


Josie had no choice but to let him touch her. Strangely, her fear disappeared.

The weather was good that day. She went out to the yard in her pajamas and messy hair and sat there
to get some sunlight. She watched the warm sunlight shining on the white walls.

Dexter had left his black jacket on the bench. Josie picked it up and covered herself with it to stay

As a student, she loved wearing her male classmates’ jackets. They always felt warmer than her own

After a while, Dexter came and urged her to wash up. He planned to bring her to see Laura and thank
her for saving her that night.

Josie knew the visit would be different this time as he was going with her.

She was surprised to discover that Laura had been discharged. Moreover, her house was nearby.
Although her home was slightly smaller, it had an antique architectural style.

It was nearly noon, but Laura was still sleeping.

Her father showed them a doctor’s certificate, stating that Laura had a slight concussion and needed to
recuperate in peace.

Josie felt remorseful. “Mr. Brandel, it’s my fault. If not for me, Laura wouldn’t have gotten injured.*

Dexter placed his hand on her back. “It’s not your fault.”

Mr. Brandel looked at them cryptically before agreeing solemnly. “That’s right. It’s not your fault. Laura
is doing okay. The doctor said she would recover with some rest. If anyone is to blame, it’s that

Then, he frowned and added, “What about you? Did you get hurt?”

Josie shook her head.

“Don’t worry. Dexter will punish him for what he has done. You are now a Russell. He can never hope
to remain in Wavery after what he had done to you!”

Mr. Brandel seemed to imply something.

Dexter’s eyes flashed briefly with anger upon hearing him. However, when talking to Josie, he softened
his tone. “You should go in to see Laura. I will stay here and chat with Mr. Brandel”

There was a pavilion nearby. Dexter watched Josie until she walked out of sight before turning to the
older man with a shallow smile. “Please lead the way”

The servants immediately served food and drinks at the pavilion. Mr. Brandel sipped tea and said,
“Dexter, I was surprised to see you beat up that man at the party.”

Dexter appeared emotionless and clasped his hands before him. At the same time, he observed the
window to Laura’s room.

“After all, it involved Mrs. Russell.”

Dexter promised calmly, “Laura saved my wife. I will make sure to repay this favor.”

Meanwhile, Josie sat in a chair in Laura’s room, waiting for her to wake up.

She sank into deep thoughts whenever she was alone. Her eyes turned dazed.

She knew Laura was awake but pretended to be asleep to avoid talking to her. Thus, she said. “Stop
pretending. Isn’t it tiring?”

Laura did not respond. As expected, a person feigning sleep would never admit to being awake.

“Laura. I have a question. Do you know what kind of person Dexter’s mother was?” Josie had been
thinking about this recently. Initially, she wanted to ask Dexter, but on further consideration, she felt it
was better

not to.

Although Laura was an illegitimate daughter, she was still a daughter of the Brandel family, so she
should know something.

As expected. Laura jumped up from her bed and stared at Josie. “Why do you suddenly ask this? Who
told you about it?”

Josie observed her reaction and guessed, “Was she psychotic?”

Laura narrowed her eyes mysteriously. “Did Mr. Russell tell you about her?”

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