That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 252

You Must Leave

The ceremony had come to an end, and Josie’s phone had been buzzing incessantly in her pocket.
However, given the solemn ambiance, she opted to ignore the pesky buzzing.

Noticing her uneasiness when nobody was looking. Dexter seized the opportunity and signaled for the
servant to accompany Josie out. Then, he whispered, “Can you handle it on your own?”

Nodding her head, Josie muttered. Isn’t he the one who insisted on taking charge no matter how
impossible the situation may be?

Upon leaving the door. Josie wasted no time checking her phone.

To her surprise, all the messages were from Arnold. She dialed his number and asked, “What’s wrong?
Did something happen?”

The voice on the other end sounded stern. “Did you follow Dexter and return to the Russell family

Josie was caught off guard by the question, “How did you know? Did you bug me or something?”

However, Arnold wasn’t in a playful mood and said authoritatively. “You must leave there today. I’m not

Arnold’s sudden instruction left Josie puzzled, “Why? What’s wrong?”

In fact, Dexter had already assured her earlier that once the ceremony was over, they would leave and
go home to have dinner with Henry.

Why did Arnold suddenly insist she leaves the Russell family estate?

Arnold didn’t explain, “Just do as I say, Josie. Remember, before becoming Dexter’s wife, you were
yourself first.”

Josie couldn’t comprehend Arnold’s arbitrary behavior. Before she could delve deeper, he hung up the

The servant led Josie to a secluded yet beautifully decorated courtyard.

Politely dismissing the servant, Josie took a seat on a stone bench in front of the courtyard, taking a
moment to collect herself.

Today marked Josie’s first official meet-and-greet with the Russell family. Despite the friendly and kind.
treatment she received, she couldn’t shake off the feeling of being an outsider deep down.

Perhaps growing up in a regular family made her feel unworthy of being Dexter’s partner and a
member of the esteemed Russell family.

Josie tried her best to emulate the poise of Dexter and Wyatt, but somehow, she still came across as
reserved. To put it bluntly, she was inexperienced and unpolished.

A passage from Eileen Chang’s ‘Love in a Fallen City’ sprang to her mind, ‘A woman who grew up in
the slums, stumbling upon a few more books, naively believed she could stand on equal footing with
others. But life is always a relay race, and we foolishly treated it as a 100-meter sprint. Both you and I
are mere

mortals, and very few can break free from the shackles of their social class, especially women. Love
pales in significance when faced with marriage.

Josie hadn’t quite grasped its significance before this. But now, she fully understood as she saw herself
living out the story in the book.

Josie let out a sigh, feeling lost.

Shortly after, Dexter returned to see Josie boiling water in the kitchen.

Dexter placed a stack of papers on the table. Josie figured it must be the report card Wyatt had given


Wyatt had made a joke, but it appeared that Dexter had taken it seriously. His determination to join the
Russell Group was unmistakable.

“Don’t you think you might be getting yourself into more than you bargained for?” Josie asked, raising
an eyebrow.

As she held a glass, preparing to fill it up with hot water, the man gently took it from her, pouring and
blowing on it to cool it down before bringing it near her lips.

“Well, if that’s the case, I’m pretty confident I can handle it too,” Dexter finally revealed a tender
expression, showing a softer side that went beyond his usual no-nonsense demeanor.

Josie was taken aback by his unexpected tenderness. She had a flurry of questions she wanted to ask
but didn’t know where to begin.

Dexter brought the cup to her lips as the hot water had cooled a bit, feeding her slowly as if feeding a

He said, “Some people would delude themselves into thinking they have complete control when they
get a taste of power.”

“It’s not until they stumble that they truly learn their lesson.”

Dexter wiped the water from the corner of her lips and removed a bangle from her wrist, leaving only
the one Henry had given her.

In an indifferent tone, he said, “This bangle is worth a million.”

Josie was shocked by his revelation.

He casually tossed the million-dollar bangle onto the table, saying, “Well, none of us wear it anyway.”
“What would you like to cat?” It was lunchtime, and Dexter opened the pantry while asking.

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