That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 260

What Qualifications Do You Have?

On New Year’s Day, an unexpected visitor appeared. Josie received a text message from an unknown
sender saying, ‘Meet me at the nearby park.”

Her heart skipped a beat as she tried to guess the purpose of the meeting. Dexter couldn’t accompany
her as he was occupied with social obligations.

And it turned out to be Xanthe, who wanted to have a conversation with Josie in the park.

Xanthe lit a cigarette and stood in the wintry solitude, feeling lonely and cold. Her gaze was filled with
disdain as she stared at Josie.

“Hi, Ms. Quorn. In case you didn’t know, my name is Josie,” she forced a smile.

Xanthe glanced at her from head to toe, extinguished her cigarette, and said, “Come take a walk with

Though their relationship was strained, there was no pretense. Xanthe didn’t act superior or
condescending, and their words and actions were on equal ground.

Xanthe asked about Josie’s family, and she answered truthfully, “I’m an orphan. My stepmother works
as a sanitation worker, my father is a vegetative patient in the hospital, and I have a younger brother
who does. odd jobs for a living.”

Josie didn’t hide or lie about her family. Maybe her background was worlds apart from the Russell
family, but so what? Different circumstances shouldn’t give anyone the right to look down on others.

Xanthe let out a mocking laugh. “Very well.”

“Do you think you’re deserving of Dexter?”

“… It’s clear that I don’t, but since things have come to this point. I will strive to become worthy of him.”

Xanthe smiled, revealing an elusive meaning that Josie couldn’t decipher. “Then a divorce is just a

of time.”

Josie remained silent.

This park was an extension of Mason Garden, with fruit trees planted and nurtured by devoted
gardeners. The sky had turned a deep shade, and the grapes dangling from the vines sparkled with
absolute clarity.

With such devoted cultivation, they were bound to be incredibly sweet.

Xanthe stretched out her hand and plucked two grapes, her ring delicately grazing the fruit without
leaving a trace of blemish.

Josie was startled. She had seen a ring similar to that on Dexter’s finger before. He had explained that
the ring served as a means of testing substances for potential poisoning, be it from smoking, drinking,
or eating.

It was a self-defense tool passed down through generations of the Russell family, signifying their
formidable heritage. Xanthe was worried that the grapes might have been sprayed with pesticides by
the caretakers, hence the test.

But the unblemished ring proved the fruits to be non-toxic and safe to be consumed. So, she handed
one to Josie. “Grapes at this time of year should taste very sweet.”

Josie gingerly accepted the grape. Her chest was trembling with mixed emotions.

Regardless of the weight of the past, Josie harbored a peculiar admiration for the woman standing


Without delay, Xanthe delved into prying about Josie and Dexter’s relationship.

“Dexter is still young and naive. He may have obligations to you and the other girl. But that’s how life
works, isn’t it? We all have to make sacrifices and compromises along the way. I hope that when the
time comes, you’ll be the one to play the role of the villain in this relationship.”

Essentially, Xanthe wanted Josie to be the one to propose a divorce.

Taking a deep breath, Josie retorted, “Ms. Quorn, I know you’re not fond of me, and I’m aware that
most of the Russell family shares the sentiment. But I don’t care. I know Dexter loves me, and that’s all
that matters. Do you think you can dictate Dexter?”

Xanthe sneered. “Seems like Henry is quite fond of you and has told you everything about me.”

Despite being exposed, Josie maintained her composure. She straightened her posture and replied,
“It’s not about me refusing to let go, but there’s something I need to ask you for Dexter’s sake. You’ve
never bothered to care about Dexter all these years, so what makes you think you can stick your nose
in his marriage and judge the woman he’s chosen?”

Xanthe’s expression shifted.

“Listen, Ms. Quorn, it’s all about knowing your place. If I were in your shoes and had decided to stay
out of it, I wouldn’t return and make things difficult for him.”

Josie spoke without hesitation or reservation. She had no intention of showing respect to this woman,
even if she was Dexter’s biological mother.

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