That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 257

His Mother’s Past

Knowing Dexter, Josie was confident he would come rushing back no matter what.

But Henry waved his hand, saying, “Jo, come and keep me company in the courtyard.”

Josie obliged with a pleasant smile.

The ground was littered with scraps of firecracker paper, remnants of the festive celebrations. The red
debris of spent firecrackers seemed strangely forlorn at that moment.

Henry settled into his armchair, and Josie was concerned he might feel cold, so she placed a thick
blanket on his lap. She poured herself some Earl Grey tea and set it before her. “Did you see Dex’s
mother today?”

Xanthe’s face floated into Josie’s mind at Henry’s prompt. “Um… she doesn’t seem easy to get along

He smiled and took a sip of his tea. “The last time I saw her was when Dex was seven years old.”

Josie was taken aback. “Hasn’t she come back all these years?”

Henry shook his head. “She can’t stand the sight of the son she brought into the world simply because
she blames the Russell family for ruining her life. After Dex’s father died, the Russell family endured a
tumultuous phase. Without her restoring stability, we might not have the Dex we know today. That’s
why I’ve chosen to ignore all the decisions she’s made.”

Josie probed cautiously, “Why does she hate…?

Grant Russell, Dexter’s father, was the youngest son of his father’s second wife. Despite that, Grant
was groomed extensively from a young age and displayed immense potential. He battled his way
through the obstacles presented by his half-siblings, leaving everyone else filled with envy and

In that particular year, Grant entered into a marriage alliance with Xanthe, the daughter of the
prominent Quorn family. It wasn’t just some business arrangement; Grant bore romantic feelings for
her. Unfortunately, Xanthe’s heart belonged to someone else. Consumed by obsession, Grant went to
extreme lengths to drive Xanthe’s lover out of Wavery, plunging their marriage into despair and

“I always knew she wasn’t meant to be a part of the Russell family. So, I took Dex with me and let her
go. Maybe they crossed paths a few times as Dex grew up, but I never saw her again.”

Josie nodded, her understanding becoming clearer. She had been grappling with conflicting emotions
and countless questions, but all she managed to say was, “Grandpa, was Dexter not happy when he
was a child?”

Henry looked at her with a smile tinged with relief and chuckled, “He wasn’t just unhappy; he was
downright miserable. But thankfully, there was a girl who was there for him during those years, and she
made it bearable.”

The girl… Josie remembered. “Is that… girl named Leanne?”

The girl who meant so much to Dexter.

“Yes, without her, we wouldn’t have the Dexter we know today.”

No wonder Dexter held such a profound attachment to her. There was a bond between them. That girl
had saved him….

Lost in thought, Josie felt a gentle pat on her hand, marked by the passage of time, “And I believe that
you’re the pinnacle of Dex’s life, both now and in the future.”

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