That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 250


The car made a turn Josie could no longer recognize the road. All she knew was that the Russell
family’s memorial hall was a well-kept secret in Wavery.

The tires crunched over the dried leaves on the ground as the vehicle came to a stop.

“Don’t be afraid. Follow me,” Dexter said in a low voice.

As Josie stepped out of the car, the first thing that struck her was not the extravagance of the place but
the exquisiteness. There were multiple compounds with buildings, fusions of old and modern. The area
was spacious and held many people around it. Yet it was not unpleasant to the eyes as everything was
meticulously designed.

The place was brimming with history.

Dexter hung his coat over his arm, leading the group with wide strides. Those that passed by him
greeted him with respect. He was dressed in a black shirt. As he unbuttoned a couple of the sapphire
buttons near his neck with one hand, the air around him seemed imposing.

Josie followed him and was surprised no one looked or paid attention to her.

Her impression of the place improved.

Not long after, a man that seemed to be a butler came out to report to Dexter. “You’re back, Mr. Dexter.
Mr. Yanis is waiting for you and your wife up ahead.”

Dexter nodded.

The butler greeted Josie with a smile as she passed by.

Dexter turned back to her with an open palm as they headed up the stairs. “Here.”

The Russell family’s power was shared out. The man the butler had mentioned was one of them with


Yanis Russell.

Dexter mentioned the man in the car. He was the director of Russell Group. When Dexter defeated
him. and took over, Yanis took the back seat and stayed at the residence in a life of retirement.

Josie thought that as a Russell who had dealt with Dexter, he would be unapproachable.

But he was not.

Yanis had a gentle appearance. He wore plain clothes with a pair of canvas shoes. He seemed to be in
his fifties or sixties but was sprightly.

Yanis smiled and got up from his seat when he saw them. Dexter gestured for him to stay put. “Please


Yanis gestured toward the steaming cups of tea on the table.

Dexter wrapped his arm around Josie’s waist, seemingly on alert. Yet a smile was seen on his face. Jo,
mert Uncle Yamis”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Yanis rose from his seat His eyes were smiling Tve heard good things of you from Father’

“Thank you.”

They took their seats, and Yanis turned his attention to Josie. He did not mention her family or job as
though he was aware. He even told her to be comfortable as it was fate to be family.

Josie felt touched by the interaction. He seemed miles apart from the cruel man Dexter had mentioned.
She stole a glance at Dexter. He sipped his tea elegantly without showing any emotions.

The room was gradually filled soon after they had arrived.

A well-mannered man had people move a display case to the room. Yanis introduced. “Wyatt, meet

Josie recalled what she knew. Wyatt was Yanis’ only son who was studying at a university.

The young man smiled while holding out his hand. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Wyatt. Nice of you to

“It’s good to meet you, Wyatt.”

Josie noticed that despite the pleasantries, there was a hint of stiffness as he did not accept her as a
part of the family.

Everyone in the room seemed amiable on the surface.

“You’re cold, Dexter. How can you only tell us you’re married half a year later?” Wyatt smiled. “I thought
it was weird you hadn’t visited me for a while. Turns out it’s because of your wifey at home.”

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