That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 259

Feeling Sorry for Him

Josie settled beside Dexter, and oddly enough, a wave of nostalgia washed over her after being away
from him for such a short time. She couldn’t help but feel bashful under his eager and intense gaze.

“Did… did your mom give you a hard time?” Josie blushed.

Dexter pursed his lips. “Even if she did, it wouldn’t bother me. Don’t worry.” He reached out to gently
smooth her hair. “She wants to meet you one of these days.”

Josie’s eyes widened in surprise.

He chuckled, pulling her closer and kissing her chin tenderly. Her rosy cheeks flushed even more

Dexter’s smile broadened as he playfully squeezed her cheeks. “Feeling sorry for me,


Knowing he was teasing, Josie found his smile both exhilarating and heartwarming. She instinctively
lowered her voice. “Why haven’t you gone inside the house?”

Dexter nuzzled his face against her neck and answered honestly, “Just tired and not in the mood to

Even at this late hour, there were still lively sounds outside. Josie gazed at his face and fell into a
momentary silence. Outsiders would never guess that the usually composed and cool Dexter also had
these melancholy moments, like a child who had just lost a beloved candy.

As her gaze settled on him, her mind began to wander, imagining the passage of another year. The
invincible man before her would eventually age, his hair turning gray, his steps faltering. How would he
be in his old age? Would he end up a lonely bachelor?

Absorbed in her thoughts, Josie refrained from picturing herself in Dexter’s future as an old man, aware
that she might not be a part of his life at that point.

So… what would he become?

“What are you looking at?” Dexter felt her gaze and lightly brushed her earlobe with his fingertip.

Josie responded, “You’ve been working hard.”

Josie’s genuine concern left Dexter momentarily speechless.

He reached out, gently grasping her chin, and leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss.

Josie’s attempts to push him away only fueled his desire, making the kiss even more intense. Her body
melted into his, while his sturdy back provided unwavering support.

As the clock struck midnight, the sky erupted with the explosive sounds of fireworks, their
reverberations reaching even through the car window.

As the old year came to an end and made way for the new, Josie’s confidence in Dexter’s abilities
remained unwavering.

She had never doubted his capability since they first met; she knew he was an unstoppable force.

However, a nagging question gnawed at her, if circumstances stripped him of his wealth and left him
with nothing, would he still be the same person she knew?

Josie pondered while simultaneously fearing the potential repulsion that could arise.

Caught in this dilemma, she reached out and held him tightly, returning the passionate kiss.

Dexter couldn’t fathom Josie’s thoughts, but her reciprocation brought him joy. As things heated up, he
pressed her against the steering wheel. Their eyes locked, both aware that the time and place weren’t
suitable for intimacy. If they continued, it would ignite an unstoppable flame.

Dexter swiftly retracted his hand, regaining control. He chose to wait out the desire. Opening the car
door. he held Josie’s hand as they made their way to Mason Garden. A thought struck him along the
journey, and he took something out of his suit pocket, offering it to her, “Happy New Year.”

Josie raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“It’s a New Year’s gift, Mrs. Russell.” He curved his lips, exuding a gentle demeanor.

She graciously accepted it and smiled, tilting her head. “Happy New Year to you too, Mr. Russell.”

This was their first New Year together.

After returning to Mason Garden, Dexter kissed her forehead tenderly. His voice was husky, resulting
from staying up late, “Go and get a good night’s sleep. I still have some things to take care of.”

Tiptoeing to avoid making noise, Josie made her way back to their bedroom. As she closed the door,
her heart thumped loudly in her chest.

As she leaned against the door, she couldn’t help but notice that her mind was unburdened and at ease
on this particular night. It was free from the intricate entanglements of relationships and complex

Closing her eyes, she reflected that regardless of what the future had in store, the purity of the
emotions. experienced on this night would remain untarnished.

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