That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 265

Holding a Grudge

Josie felt a sharp pain in her head as she bumped into Mr. Russell. She stumbled back, but she quickly
regained her composure. Josie looked up at him, her eyes watering from the pain. “Mr. Russell,” she
greeted him indifferently.

Dexter held a cup of coffee in his hands. His knuckles were red and chapped from the cold outside

He wore a black windbreaker that hugged his tall frame. He had the kind of figure that would turn heads
wherever he went. If he walked down the street, he would be sure to catch the attention of many

Dexter didn’t look into her eyes. He pushed the door behind her and uttered coldly, “Come in if you
have something to say.”

Josie hesitated at her spot, unsure if she should follow him inside. She tightened her grip on the
proposal, mulling over her thoughts.

He paused his footsteps and looked over at her with a scornful stare.

“I’ll only give you ten minutes.”

Josie had no choice but to follow behind him.

Dexter was flipping through a newly printed document as the scent of the ink spread through the room.

Just minutes before, Josie stormed into her office, still enraged by the events that had unfolded at the
construction site. She had been running all the way back and was starting to let out a sweat. She
tossed her scarf aside and marched up to his office on the top floor, clutching the proposal in her hand.

Her bare neckline was exposed, her skin pale and smooth as the snow outside. Her deep, dark eyes
shone with intelligence and wit. She looked breathtakingly stunning. However, she had a bruise on her
collarbone due to the incident that happened earlier.

Dexter placed the proposal on his desk. “The government will only be using this land two months from
now on. I suggest you continue to persuade the residents while it’s still winter,” he said, dismissing her

He had flatly rejected her proposal.

Josie stood in the spotless office, staring at the untainted man before her. The muscles in her face
tightened, and her fists were clenched so hard they left marks on her palms.

She raised her eyebrows, and Dexter braced himself for her to lose her temper. But instead, she said
icily, “Alright. I’ll go there a few more times.”

She knew that forcing the demolition would be a risky move. If anyone were harmed, the Russell Group
would face serious consequences.

She swept out of the room, leaving the proposal behind.

Dexter’s deep, gravelly voice rumbled in his chest as he spoke, “They’d do anything for the right price.
If this route doesn’t work, try approaching their associates.”

Josie paused and turned around, her eyes narrowing as she took in the man who had picked up his
cup and was leisurely sipping on his coffee. He seemed completely unfazed by the situation

“It’s my fault. I should have learned those tricks from Mr. Russell sooner, she scoffed, an icy stare
piercing into his figure.

Her words dripped with venom and frustration.

He didn’t even glance up at her. The fluctuating figures on his computer were far more interesting.

There was no point arguing with him.

Josie regretted not dumping the coffee on his face and taking a picture to humiliate him.

They were both on edge when it came to work matters. Neither of them was willing to back down.

Josie still held a grudge against him because of Kevan.

Dexter knew why she acted this way, but he didn’t say anything.

He took out a document and passed it to her. “Wyatt is coming next month. You’ll be in charge of
welcoming him.”

Josie’s eyes blinked in incredulity at the sudden announcement. Her eyebrows furrowed as she asked,
“This early?”

Only at that moment did they radiate the familiarity of a married couple. Dexter raised his eyebrows. “Is
it too difficult for you?”

Josie glared at him. “Why would it be difficult? He’s Mr. Russell’s family member. I’ll make sure he is
well taken care of.”

She turned on her heel and walked away, leaving Dexter with a wide grin on his face. He watched her
go, his expression a mixture of affection and bafflement.

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