That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 261

Seeking Help

“Ms. Warren, I must say you’re braver than I gave you credit for Xanthe caid with an indifferent smile.
“but let me tell you this quality alone won’t secure your place in the Russell family”

She took a tissue from her bag and meticulously wiped her fingers clean, one by one, before discarding
it in the trash bin “We’re likely to cross paths often in the future I wish you all the best in life.”

Josie had anticipated Xanthe’s anger, but instead, she remained calm and composed, adding to Josie’s
mounting pressure

In response, Josie mustered a smile and said. “Happy New Year to you!”

Xanthe turned and walked away. Just as she was about to enter the car, she glanced back and said.
“You know what Dexter told me yesterday at the family estate?”

Confused, Josie looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Xanthe smiled again. “Never mind, it’s probably best if you don’t know. Knowing would only make you


At nightfall, Dexter returned home, looking a bit dusty. He spotted Josie sitting on the sofa, lost in her
thoughts. “Something bothering you today?” He asked.

Josie glanced up and sighed. “Your mom came to me earlier.”

Dexter paused, his expression revealing no surprises. “What did she say?”

“She mentioned how you owe me and another girl, and she hopes I’ll be the one to call for divorce.”

A smirk formed on his lips as he listened. “Don’t let her words get to you.”

Knowing Xanthe’s true nature, Josie didn’t take it to heart, but she couldn’t shake off the pressure. She
sat up and held onto Dexter’s waist. “Dexter, if the time comes and you have to choose, would you
choose me again?”

Her intuition told her not to ask this question, but she couldn’t resist prying.

Dexter allowed Josie to cling onto him, placing his hand gently on her head as he reassured her, “I

Despite hearing the answer she wanted, Josie didn’t feel the expected joy. It felt as though his
response wasn’t entirely genuine.

She smiled and looked up. “What did you talk about with your mother for so long yesterday?”

The man motioned for her to help him loosen his tie, and she skillfully obliged.

“She wants me to help her return to the domestic market.”

So, Xanthe had her own ventures to take care of as well.

“Can’t she do it herself?”

Dexter sneered mockingly. “If she could, why would she come back to me? I’m probably the last person
she wants to see.”

Josie’s heart softened. She could sense that this man had yearned, or maybe still yearned, for a
mother’s love. It must have been tough for him to endure such treatment from his biological mother.

The holiday whizzed by, and as work resumed after the New Year, Josie received the first news of the
year. Kevan had been transferred to another branch!

Their colleagues were preoccupied with fervent discussion on Kevan’s transfer, “He’s a freshy, and
getting transferred to a branch for regularization is a big deal. Not many of us have had that chance.”

Josie glanced at the transfer order. Kevan had been moved to a branch in the neighboring city of
Rivonia. This meant he was even farther away from his hometown.

As a seasoned employee at the company, she understood the implications. It was presented as a
promotion, but at best, it was just a lateral move. Although he was being regularized, the resources at
the branch couldn’t compare to those at the headquarters.

“Ms. Warren, thank you for caring for me these past few days. If you ever visit Rivodia, I’ll treat you to
dinner,” Kevan said, bidding farewell to Josie, holding onto his few belongings with a faintly bitter smile.

Josie felt a sense of unease. “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect such an arrangement from the higher-ups. Have
you thought about quitting and finding another design company? I believe in your abilities.”

“Ms. Warren, what are you saying? This is already the best opportunity available to me. Even though
Rivodia is far, the salary is high. I have no complaints.”

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