That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 270

Get Out

Her pink laptop was left on the sofa, the screen still glowing.

Arnold hovered the mouse over the game icon, and the main page immediately popped up. He was
stunned to see she was still using his account to play.

Arnold had invited her to play games to pass the time at the office. She laughed at his gaming skills,
which baffled him. He challenged her. “If you’re so good, help me get into the next league.”

Hence, he gave her his account details.

Arnold glanced at the screen, surprised that she had already leveled up.

Arnold closed the gaming webpage and tried to access the files on her computer, but they were all
password-protected. He tried to unlock them, but he was unsuccessful.

She was a true professional, but only at the things unrelated to her work.

The following day, Lillian woke up early, limping out of the bedroom and into the living room, where she
saw Arnold asleep on the sofa. He was clutching her laptop to his chest.

Her eyebrows lifted in surprise and delight at the sight of the candies on the table.

He brought candies!

Lillian was about to open the bag of candies when Arnold’s phone rang, startling her so much that she
almost jumped out of her skin. She quickly ended the call, hoping the noise didn’t wake him.

Lillian crept towards the bag of candies, her movements slow and deliberate. She reached in and
carefully withdrew a strawberry-flavored candy. She slowly tore open the wrapper and placed the candy

in her mouth, savoring the sweet taste.

Lillian smiled as her eyes wandered over to the sofa. Her smile faltered when she met his dark, clear
eyes staring back at her. She gasped and stumbled backward, nearly falling over.


He swiftly caught her as she stumbled, and she fell into his arms. She winced in pain as her nose
bumped against his chest.

Lillian caught a faint whiff of Arnold’s cologne.

She could tell he was feeling annoyed as he had just woken up from sleep. His voice was hoarse and
gravelly as he asked, “What are you doing so early in the morning?

The alcohol smell still lingered in his breath.

Lillian was feeling foggy in the morning, her mind still half in dreamland. She wasn’t sure how to answer
him, so she simply stared at his thin, slightly rosy lips.

“I… I’m going to prepare my breakfast.”

She moved away from him and hopped towards the kitchen like a rabbit.

Arnold was fully awake. He groaned and covered his eyes with his hands. “I’m begging you, he said,
his voice thick with lethargy. “Stop walking around”

Lillian was taken aback by his sudden plea.

Arnold made breakfast for both of them while Lillian played games on her laptop. The sight of his broad
back silhouetted against the morning light as he cooked in his comfortable daily clothes was extremely

Arnold was very carefree in his house. He was dressed in comfortable clothes, his hair was disheveled,
and his long pants were folded at the ankles. He had just finished breakfast, and he felt his energy
draining. He went back into the guest room to take a nap. As he was leaving, he turned to Lillian and
said, “Leave your bowl on the table. I’ll clean it up later.”

Lillian’s surge of happiness took a turn witnessing his reluctant behavior.

He sounded distant and aloof as if she had forcefully clung onto him, and he needed to put up with her.

Lillian’s heart chilled as she froze at the dining table. Later, she limped slowly towards the guest room,
but Arnold was already asleep. A picture on the headrest of the bed caught her eye as she walked in

That person was Summer Olsen.

The photo captured Summer in high school, reading a book at her desk. Her back was straight, and her
dark hair was tied neatly into a ponytail.

Arnold woke up with a start, his heart racing. He saw Lillian standing over him, holding a picture in her
hands. His face turned grim as he realized what it was. “What are you doing with that?” he demanded,
snatching the frame from her.

Lillian stumbled backward, feeling startled by his unexpected rage.

“I was looking.”

Arnold’s face hardened, and his voice was cold as ice. “Get out. Now,”

Lillian feared him, but she still hoped to accompany him and bring new excitement into his life.

But she didn’t manage to achieve what she had intended to.

She grappled with the situation with a heavy heart. Slowly, she limped away on her crutch, and Arnold’s
deep, gravelly voice followed her. “I want you out of my life.

His last words froze her on the spot.

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