That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 268

Taking a Stroll at Night

She was still holding a grudge against him.

Dexter chuckled and held her firmly. “Let’s go home,” he said.

Josie had not had a drop of alcohol, but Dexter had consumed his fair share.

When they were nearing their home, Dexter requested that the driver pull over the car. “Follow me for a
short walk,” he requested.

Josie was wearing heels, but Dexter had brought an extra pair of sneakers in the car. He helped her
into her sneakers, and then they stepped out into the night.

It was already eleven o’clock at night, and the moon was shining brightly overhead.

The moonlight was so bright that it shone on the road, revealing the layer of frost that had formed on
the pavement. The shadows of their locked hands were long and distorted.

He felt the disconfort in his chest lift with the wind. The sound of the cars and the busyness of his daily
endeavors were replaced by the sound of the wind in the trees. He felt calm and at peace.

Many prominent households resided in this affluent neighborhood. Sports cars frequently drove by,
carrying young adults. One of them was smoking a cigarette, her hair blowing in the wind. She shouted
bravely to Dexter, “Hey, you look handsome!”

She looked barely out of her teens. “Stop your nonsense, the boy beside her said sternly as he pulled
her back.

Dexter’s lips curved into a smile, but it was met with an annoyed glare from Josie. “Is she pretty?”

His smile widened as he replied, “Not as pretty as you.”

Josie didn’t pry into Dexter’s troubles, but she could tell something was weighing on his mind. She
suspected it had something to do with Xanthe, but he refused to talk about it.

She held his hands tightly and followed him. “Dexter Russell, am I your wife?”

He looked down at her and smiled. “Of course,” he replied.

The corner of her lips lifted into a warm smile. “That’s right,” she said. “At least on our marriage
certificate, we’re officially married. So no matter what’s going on, you can share it with me. I won’t tell
anyone else.”

Her smile was warm and genuine, and her eyes shone in the streetlight.

Dexter took a deep breath and held her hands tightly. “I have to help her,” he said.

Josie understood what Dexter meant, and she wasn’t against his idea. “I understand,” she said.

They spotted the same car they saw earlier on the side of the road with burst tires.

The two young adults appeared relaxed as they sat by the road, humming along to songs without any
sense of urgency.

Taking a Stroll at Night

The corner of Josie’s eyes crinkled as she observed their carefree behavior.

The girl recognized them. She patted the dust from her pants and took out a cigarette. She offered it to
Dexter, “Handsome, do you know how to fix a car?” she asked.

Dexter didn’t take the cigarette. He folded his sleeves and crouched down next to the car. Did your car
break down?” he asked.

The driver following behind them stopped the car when he noticed his boss signaling him to get down
from the car.

“Give them a hand,” he instructed.

The driver brought out a box of tools from the trunk of the car.

The girl’s eyes were filled with admiration and awe. “Wow, handsome,” she said. “Do you have a
girlfriend? Or a boyfriend?”

The driver staggered as he was startled by her comment.

Josie understood what she meant and leaned in to whisper in Dexter’s ear. “She’s implying that you
wouldn’t be into girls if you’re so good-looking.”

Dexter wasn’t satisfied with her assumption. He lifted his hands, which were still holding Josie’s, and
announced proudly, “She’s my wife.”

A strange thud hit Josie’s heart as he announced his relationship with Josie so openly in front of a
stranger. It felt surprisingly good to have their relationship acknowledged like this.

The girl’s eyes instantly lost their glint. She pouted, discontented, “Why are you showing off your
relationship in front of me?”

After a while, she lifted her eyes and looked suspiciously at Dexter. “You look familiar.”

A ringing silence surrounded the night.

The girl racked her brain, trying to figure out where she had seen him before. She had seen his face
before but couldn’t quite place it. A peaceful silence filled the air as the girl pondered.

Suddenly a call from Josie’s phone disturbed the silence. It was Matthew.

Josie hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether to answer the call. “Answer it,” Dexter said in a calm

Josie took a deep breath and answered the phone. “Hello, Matt,” she said.

There was a moment of silence before Matthew spoke, “Josie, I called to see if you’ve made a decision
about Mr. Warren,” he said. “I’ve settled everything here, and I’m ready to take him back to the hospital
if that’s what you want.”

Paul’s condition had been improving steadily in Mason Garden. Josie and Dexter had discussed this
possibility earlier and decided to give Paul a little more time to recover at Mason Garden.

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