That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 263

Taking Over the Project

An uncomfortable air of silence swept through the room.

The person reporting was visibly shaken. His eyes were glassy and red, and it looked as if he was
about to


“The government plans to acquire the land to build a new park in Althem City. While the development
ostensibly benefits the city, the government’s involvement has complicated things more than expected.”

The Russell Group acquired a large piece of land to build new villas, but the government wanted to
reclaim it at a lower price. This put their plans at a standstill, as it was difficult to stand up against an
official government project.

A heavy silence hung in the air as everyone in the meeting room contemplated the challenging project

Dexter’s face darkened, and his eyes narrowed into a cold glare. “Have you found the residents?”

“Yes, but they aren’t willing to compromise.”

While selling the land at a lower price would have helped improve their reputation for collaborating with
the government, the Russell Group hadn’t yet fully acquired the land. This was the critical problem.

Several households weren’t willing to move.

Josie raised her hand tentatively and spoke up, “Our team hasn’t received any new projects in a while.
Could we take on this one?”

The silence was thick and oppressive.

All eyes were on Josie as she commanded the room with her unexpected suggestion.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread…

Dexter raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “Your team?”

Josie was not happy with the way he doubted her abilities. She capped her pen and spoke with
determination. “Since the project has already been delayed by a month, there’s no harm in letting us


Dexter was taken aback by her sudden change in demeanor.

The meeting ended with a satisfactory outcome. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as Dexter turned his
attention to Josic.

The man beside Josie had tears welling in his eyes as a relieved smile formed on his face, “I’ll send
you the details very soon.”

Josie’s eyes were drawn to the white silhouette of his back, standing tall and proud. He exuded an air
of resoluteness and confidence.

Within an hour, the news of Josie’s bravery spread like wildfire throughout the office. Employees from

Taking Over the Project

levels talked about her courage in standing up to the CEO,

Words of Josie’s drawing of a pig also circulated quickly. Alice was stunned when she found out what
happened. “Do you know what you’ve done?”

Josie and Alice planned to visit the residents unwilling to sell their homes.

Frustrated by the additional workload, she asked, “Jo, why did you do this?”

“For the money, she answered without any hesitation.

Alice met Josie’s gaze with disdain, rolling her eyes as she did so.

Most of the houses on the acquired land had already been demolished, leaving the wreckage behind
covered by layers of snow. The residents gathered together when they heard that people from the
Russell Group would be there.

Josie’s assistant handled the discussion with the residents while she observed the houses in the area.
She noticed that they were all in a terrible state.

Still, they clung to the small piece of land, hoping for more benefits.

Her assistant reported that the amount compensated was already more than generous.

Despite their humble status, they demanded an exorbitant amount of compensation in an unyielding
and ungracious manner.

After a short moment, her assistant’s eyes flashed red with anger, frustrated by their rude attitude.
“Their eyes are bigger than their belly!” she exclaimed.

Josie held her assistant back and inquired, “How much do you want?”

They told her their desired amount.

At that moment, Josie felt pity for Dexter, who had to sacrifice a large amount of money to acquire the
land from the unreasonable residents, only to turn it over to the government without making any profit.

He was facing a significant financial setback due to this project.

The residents were unwavering in their demands, clearly having discussed their position beforehand.

Josie stared at the residents with a collected and calm expression, her hands in her pocket. “We can
pay you this much,” she finally said.

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