That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 272


Before she finished her words, Josie reached out and grabbed the knife. Moses was momentarily
stunned, and at that moment, she swiftly snatched the knife and threw it to the ground.

Without a scratch on her, Josie remained indifferent, as if she were merely an outsider. “Is this knife
brand new? It doesn’t seem sharp at all. Can’t even cut a lemon with it.”

With the resounding thud of the knife hitting the ground, Moses was flooded with a whirlpool of
emotions. Those who were expecting a frightening hostage-holding scene were left dumbfounded.
Little did they expect it was just a bluff from a cowardly troublemaker.

Bryce immediately put away his phone.

Moses straightened his posture, maintaining his tough appearance. “I don’t care. No one leaves if you
don’t give me a way out today.”

Josie leaned against the side. “What can you do?”

“I can’t do anything,” the man responded self-righteously.

“Then what do you want to do?”

“Well,” Moses stepped back and casually sat on someone’s desk. His long legs swung freely as if he
were on a beach vacation. He reached out his hand and continued with a serious tone. “let me work
here; any position will do. I’m only asking for thirty thousand a month. Not too demanding, right?”

Josie did not respond to his ridiculous demands.

Alice couldn’t help but say, “You might as well go rob the bank!”

Bryce chimed in, “How is this any different from robbery?”

Josie smiled nonchalantly, “It’s not impossible, but let your father come and talk to me.”

If she agreed to this request, the stubborn tenants wouldn’t have the audacity to refuse their offer


She returned to the conference room and instructed Alice, “Find the security guards and throw him


Several security guards escorted the young man out, leaving him utterly embarrassed.

Moses stood alone outside the Russell Group building and looked at the towering structure. His tongue
pressed against the inside of his cheek, and his eyes narrowed into slits. Well done, Josie, he thought.

Eventually, Dexter came to learn about the incident as well.

At the top floor of the Russell Group building, a secretary poured a cup of hot water for Josie. Dexter
leaned against the side, flipping through documents, and asked, “So, Moses Chakov?”

Josie remained composed. “How did you find out about this?”

The man didn’t answer-an indecipherable emotion was hidden deep in his eyes.

A few days later, Josie received a response from the stubborn tenants. They were finally willing to let
go of the plot, but on the condition that she would help their son find a job. Of course, it wouldn’t be as
extravagant as Moses’ demands. As long as he could make a living, it would suffice.

At that time, Dexter had just received all the information about Moses. Moses had attended MIT but
went astray afterward, leading an unruly life with few good deeds. The list of misdeeds filled two pages.

On that evening. Dexter appeared near the house where Moses currently resided.

With his own eyes, he witnessed a disheveled young man stumbling out of his house, looking lifeless.
He paused for a moment upon seeing the luxury car, and then, in silence, he picked up a large stone
from the ground and raised his hand, ready to smash the car.

Fortunately, the driver’s quick reflexes stopped him. “What are you doing?”

Moses glanced at him and let out a yawn, appearing as if he had lost interest, and dropped the stone.
He confidently stated, “What am I doing? This is my house. You parked your car here, blocking my way.
Do you think that’s appropriate?”

Dexter observed his actions quietly and then rolled down the car window.

Their eyes met.”

Moses raised an eyebrow and challenged, “Who are you?”

Dexter remained calm and surveyed the surrounding environment before asking, “Are you content with
your life?”

Moses remained silent, his long-dead determination slightly stirred by the man’s words.

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