That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 281

To Make You Jealous

After discussing it with the doctors, Josie agreed to let her dad stay in the hospital for observation.

Before leaving, she suddenly thought of something She asked Matthew, ‘Did the woman from the last
time that I previously visited come for a follow-up visit?

Matthew thought about it. “Yes. Why?

“How is her recovery?

“Everything goes well. The woman didn’t suffer major injuries. She’ll be alright after resting for a few

After he said that, Josie was utterly relieved. She was thankful to Laura for saving her, so it was only
natural that she wanted to find out about Laura’s condition. Josie found it strange that Laura had been
silent for the past few days.

And Arnold. He said he was going to London that day at the airport. Was it to see Summer?

She had too many unanswered questions. Josie couldn’t figure it out, so she gave up.

When leaving the hospital, she entered the elevator and bumped into a familiar figure.

The other party was supported by crutches and looked down at her cell phone, seeming downcast. She
subconsciously looked up when she saw someone walk in and couldn’t look away.


Her sudden voice startled Josie. Josie narrowed her eyes and recognized the woman. “Lillian?”

Lillian had a report in her hands. She must have been there for her leg.

Lillian pleaded with her. “Do you know where Arnold is now?

With how she looked and sounded, she seemed to have been abandoned. For a moment, Josie didn’t
know how to answer her. “What’s up with you? I thought you were his assistant.”

“Assistant?” Lillian laughed sarcastically. “I was just his mistress, at best. He threw me away when he

tired of me.”

The elevator descended quickly. Josie didn’t know what to think of Arnold’s private matters.

He was clearly a liberal and unconventional man. It was a huge mistake to believe what he said.

“I last saw him at the airport. He seemed to be going on a business trip. I’m not sure where.” Josie tried


“He went to see that woman.” Lillian was confident. She thought of something and laughed at herself
again. “I thought he loves that woman the most, but it might not be true.”

Josie didn’t understand.

Lillian stared at her. “Do you remember that he kissed me when you came to his office last time?”

Josie was dumbstruck. It was hard to forget.

“I’m sure he saw you earlier and deliberately kissed me so you would see.”

Josie thought Lillian’s words were absurd. She didn’t understand. “Why did he do that?”

Lillian’s gaze was cold and meaningful. “Perhaps he wanted to make you jealous.”

+5 Bonus

Josie felt baffled. She was self-aware enough to know that Arnold had only made use of her and put on
an act. He had no feelings for her. How could it have been to make her jealous?

Lillian didn’t elaborate when she saw that Josie didn’t believe her. Before the elevator doors opened,
Lillian said, “We have such different lives.”

Josie was dumbfounded.

She couldn’t figure out Lillian’s words while walking to the parking lot.

Moses had been waiting in front of the car for a long time and was slightly impatient. “Why did you take
so long? I’m famished.”

Josie kicked him in irritation. “What’s wrong with waiting? It’s not like you’ll die from hunger.”

“I won’t, but I’m really starving.” He was stubborn and like a thug.

Josie laughed in her rage. “What do you want to eat for lunch? It’s my treat.”

“Anything? Japanese food.”

“For lunch? You must have a great appetite.”

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