That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 273

Hiring A Bodyguard

“To support your education, your family has exhausted their wealth. Unable to stay abroad any longer,
you were forced to return to the country. Since your return, your friends have avoided you, and those
with money are afraid of being associated with you and becoming a target of ridicule. Everyone wants
to bring you down, to quash your ambitions. Finally, now even you have given up on yourself.”

Dexter’s words were precise, striking directly at the depths of Moses’ mind. He stared at the other
man’s eyes, on the verge of erupting in anger.

He had a thousand words at the tip of his tongue, but no words could make their way out.

He couldn’t find the confidence to refute-not when this man seemed to know him inside out, including
the dire situation he was in and the lingering thoughts in his head.

“Who are you? It must be amusing for you, huh? Coming specifically to ridicule me?”

The secretary couldn’t bear watching more. The two men stood together, similar in age but utterly
different in status.

Moses seemed like a teenager going through puberty.

Dexter calmly handed him a business card and uttered, “If you want to change, I can give you an

Perhaps it was because it involved Josie-he didn’t want her to be bothered by the mess.

Ultimately, he was the one that had gotten her involved in the project.

He wanted to help, so he extended a helping hand to Moses to spare Josie from repercussions.

Moses glanced at it briefly. “You want me to go to your company?”

Pretty clever, Dexter thought.

“Why?” Moses couldn’t think of a reason for this man to voluntarily lend help.

Dexter crossed his hands and replied slowly, “The woman you held at knifepoint a few days ago is my

Moses furrowed his brow, looking suspiciously at him. “You want to be my savior by giving me an
opportunity? Sure, but I won’t go to your department. I want to work for your wife. The secretary was
wondering if he was in his right mind.

Dexter was starting to catch on with the situation. He asked, “Why?”

Moses leaned in quietly, resting one hand on the car window. “I can help you keep an eye on your wife!
Can you trust her with that beautiful face? What if she cheats on you?”

The secretary anxiously stared at Dexter’s expression, wishing he could knock Moses to his senses
and stop him from spouting more nonsense.

An ambiguous smile lit up Dexter’s features. Unexpectedly, Moses continued, “Of course, only if you

me a lot of money.”

Moses’ profile mentioned that he had a level nine black belt in Taekwondo.

Surprisingly, Dexter looked at this energetic young man and didn’t refute his outrageous demands.
After a while, he finally responded, “But I have one condition.”

“Mr. Russell!” the secretary couldn’t help but exclaim. If he worked for Mrs. Russell, wouldn’t it be more

Moses himself was confounded by Dexter’s compliance and asked doubtfully, “Are you really okay with
me working for your wife?”

Dexter was not concerned about being cheated on because he knew that Josie was not that kind of


He had other concerns.

Later that very same day, Josie received Dexter’s message: As long as he doesn’t cause trouble, let
him work for you and help you with odd jobs.”

Moses was hired into the Russell family’s company with a salary of three thousand.

Alice and the others also noticed that Moses was showy and had a sharp tongue. Apart from his old
habits and brazenly arrogant attitude he bore as a child from a rich family, he was pretty good as an

Moreover, after he joined the company, the issue of the stubborn tenants was quickly resolved.

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