That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 280

Improved Condition

The servant showed Josie the surveillance footage

In the surveillance footage. Paul’s finger moved a few times. Josie’s face lit up with delight, and she
quickly saved the clip to send to Matthew to ask about it.

“Okay, I’ll send Dad to the hospital tomorrow so the doctors can examine him. It’s the first time he’s
reacted in so many years!” Josie twirled around in excitement. After a while, she ran to the master
bedroom. Dexter had his laptop open and was about to work.

“Why did you run here?” He looked up to stop her.

Josie stood at the spot, and her eyes sparkled. She said excitedly. “Dexter, my… my.. my dad

She stuttered but was close to tears because of her joy.

Dexter was calm. He reached out to pull her into an embrace. “Tell me slowly.”

He roughly understood after hearing what she said and agreed with her decision. “I’ll arrange for it in
the morning.”

Josie took a breath, and she reached out to hug him. “Thank you, Dexter.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

“If not for you, my father wouldn’t have received such good care at this time. Also, the medical team

dad felt previously arranged for tried their best. Thank you so much,” Josie said sincerely, “perhaps my
that I’m living well now, so he’s going to wake up.”

Dexter stroked her head. He only paid attention to what she said at the end. “Do you think you’re living
well with me?”

Josie was momentarily silent after he said it. Am I not living well? I’m pretty happy most of the time. But
am I really living well? I don’t know.

Even now, as she looked at the man hugging her so gently, she wasn’t sure if he loved her.

But she was sure she had feelings for him.

After a brief silence, Dexter’s initial kind gaze dimmed, and he understood something. “Go and take a
bath. It’s time to sleep.”

Josie opened her mouth. “… Dexter…” She wanted to say something but couldn’t.

He opened his mailbox filled with emails he had to deal with. He was engrossed as he read them and
stopped paying attention to Josie.

Early the next day, Paul was sent to the hospital. Matthew was also delighted. “This is a good sign.”

While waiting for the check-up results, Josie was lost in thought in the corridor. Matthew sat beside her

after he was done.

Improved Condition

“What’s up? Are you upset about something?”

She leaned against the wall and stared blankly. “Matt, what is considered living well

Matthew muttered. To ordinary people, having a healthy family and enough money. Having a partner
would be good too. I think that would be living well. But of course, it would be great to have love ton

A healthy family. Josie didn’t have family members other than her dad. Those in the Russell family
seemed relatively healthy.

Having enough money. Dexter’s wealth ranked first in Forbes’ lists. She had more than enough. Dexter
spent extravagantly and treated her well.

But Josie wasn’t sure if he loved her.

She wanted to ask but suddenly stopped when she saw Matthew’s distressed gaze.


Matthew smiled bitterly. “You shouldn’t ask me this question, Jo. After all, I’m still unmarried.”

Josie felt slightly embarrassed. She never knew how to respond to the way he treated her differently.

She could only apologize.

The results from the check-up were released in the afternoon. It showed that all of Paul’s signs were
good, and it was possible for him to wake up. Dexter’s medical team exclaimed that it was a miracle.

She was delighted.

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