That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 275

Give It a Try?

Several minutes later, Lilian ran out with her hand covering her mouth, her face flushed. Josie gave
them. some privacy and only entered the room after she saw Lilian walking out. Arnold was putting on
a scarf just as she walked in. “Mr. Carter seems to be in a good mood today. Must be nice keeping an
assistant around to have affairs, huh?”

When Arnold saw her, he gestured at Josie. “Help me tie it.”

Josie was initially reluctant, but she remembered that she needed something from him, so she
approached. him. “That girl has quite the charm. You like that type, huh?”

Arnold smiled faintly. “Not compatible in bed, though.”

Josie had nothing to say. She forcefully lowered his head to catch his gaze. “I heard Mr. Carter is quite
skilled in bed, capable of captivating women. Can she not handle it?”

“Want to find out? You can give it a try.” Arnold said while putting his hands on her waist.

Josie’s body stiffened, and she immediately pushed him away. “Why did Dexter do that?”

Arnold wasn’t upset about being pushed away. He placed his hands behind his back. “Xanthe’s
company wants to enter the domestic market and needs Series-A funding. She doesn’t have the
money, so she will inevitably have to negotiate for partnerships and attend social events.”

“He has no reason to help her.”

“Businessmen prioritize profits. Dexter is paving the way for Russell Group, not just helping her,”
Arnold’s body shifted, and he continued, “but Xanthe is taking too much. She needs to give something
in return.”

“What does she need to give?” Josie raised her guard.

“Guess?” Arnold revealed a mysterious smile and walked away, informing his secretary on the way out,
“Arrange Lilian’s resignation today. I don’t want to see her again.”


As Arnold said, Russell Group devoted significant efforts to its e-commerce ventures in the following
period. Josie checked and found that most new media companies were concentrated in Rivonia. They
had started investing in the internet industry in its early days and achieved significant profits.

Compared to them, Russell Group was clearly far behind in that field. However, they had a partnership
with Carter Group to support them in their endeavors.

Bryce was the main person in charge of this project.

He was one of the Russells, young and willing to take responsibility. Josie thought it was reasonable
that Dexter was willing to support him.

Within the next few days, with Dexter away on a business trip, Josie mustered up the courage to ask
Bryce to let her join in to learn more about the project.

Bryce agreed with partial reluctance.

Not long after, Moses yawned and told Dexter tiredly, “Oh my god! Your wife is such a workaholic!”

Dexter smiled without saying a word.

At the same time, Josie had Moses book her a flight ticket. She was going to Rivonia with Bryce

+ Bonus

Bryce announced with a solemn tone, “Dex said earlier that we must achieve a nine-figure profit within
six months. If I can’t do it. I’ll have to resign my position.”

No wonder, Josie thought.

In the following days, Josie followed Bryce. She engaged in numerous discussions with cunning
business partners, talking about collaborations and funding flows, racking her brain to learn how to
maximize their interests, just like Dexter.

On the other hand, the Carter Group team worked tirelessly to develop the best products. They would
have to start all over again if they miscalculated just one error with the data. They were racing against
time and had to be both efficient and creative.

Josie assigned Moses as her assistant. He didn’t have to handle too many important tasks, just had to
take care of some trivial matters. Dexter was pleased to hear this because it made it very convenient
for him to supervise her.

The secretary felt he was a bit pathological, finding all sorts of ways to control Josie.

She mustered up the courage to ask, “Mr. Russell, aren’t you afraid… that Moses might have bad
intentions. toward Mrs. Russell?”

“He won’t.” Dexter was highly confident. In more than twenty years of his life, he considered himself
good at reading people. Someone like Moses, even though he appeared to be struggling now, had
received a good education since childhood. Just like his previous attempt to use a blunt knife to hold
Josie hostage, he’s mentally an immature child. He wouldn’t do anything wrong-he was a good person.

Moreover, Dexter had given Moses a large sum of money, more than enough to spend. He was
brilliant. and had no reason to go against money.

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