That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 278


“I don’t blame Dex. He had his reasons for putting you and Wyatt through this, the elderly man sitting
across stated, “and it’s not a bad thing for him to test and challenge both of you. But… don’t you feel

She could sense a keen perception and an understanding that surpassed words in those eyes.

“You shouldn’t have gotten involved in this affair,” Yanis added.

Josie understood his implication. She leaned forward slightly and asked, “Uncle, what do you have in

“Form a strong alliance,” he uttered.

Eventually, Josie left the tea house with a smile.

Moses leaned against the wall, smoking, exchanging glances with Yanis’ associates. When he saw
Josie emerge, he immediately followed her.

As Josie walked, Yanis’ final words echoed in her mind, “You’re always welcome to come back and
delve into the secrets of tea leaves with me.”

“That day may never come.”

The pace of development in the 21st century went beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

In under an hour, Josie received a call from Dexter. He was probably still up, buried in paperwork, or
just finishing a conference call.

“I’ve heard about Yanis’ deeds in different places, and it’s surprising how he manages to gather
supporters despite not being the sharpest tool in the shed,” Josie remarked about Yanis.

Dexter chuckled and said, “It’s all just a facade he puts on. He can’t turn back time, can he?”

Dexter filled Josie in on more of Yanis’ story during their journey to Russell Mansion.

Back in those days, the Russell family had two sons. Dexter’s father was the eldest, and Yanis followed
in line.

That was where the perpetual battle began. Yanis and Grant were the only ones constantly at odds.
After Grant’s passing, Dexter took on his father’s role and carried on the rivalry against Yanis. They’ve
had numerous secretive conflicts, competing for control over the central power. Yanis never ceased his
efforts, always striving for greater influence.

He was an incredibly ambitious figure.

However, Dexter could never have anticipated that Yanis would have the guts to target Josie and the
Russell Group.

Yanis had gone rogue!

Dexter couldn’t help but wonder if Moses hadn’t spilled the beans to Josie, would she have actually

to team up with Yanis? Truth be told, the offers and perks Yanis presented were quite tempting.

But there were no ifs, ands, or buts. At least for now, she showed no signs of defiance while talking to

Dexter’s voice remained as gentle as ever. “Go back to Wavery tomorrow.”

Although Josie had declined Yanis’ proposition, it didn’t mean she dismissed everything he said as
completely unfounded.

At the very least, Dexter deliberately made her trip a waste, which held some truth.

Feeling a sense of guilt, he personally went to the airport the following day, waiting for her in the VIP

From a distance, he caught sight of Josie. As they closed the gap between them, something felt off.
Even though they had only been apart for a day, it felt like they hadn’t seen each other in ages. He felt
a mix of shyness and excitement.

Dexter took Josie’s luggage from Moses and held her hand. However, Josie, pretending not to notice,
tucked her hand into her coat pocket. Yet, her gaze toward him seemed innocent, “What’s the matter?”

Behind them, the secretary and Moses witnessed Dexter’s affectionate gesture and his vulnerability,
“This isn’t right.”

Then, a barely audible apology slipped out. Only a few people caught it. They knew how Dexter would
make it up to his wife.

Josie continued to feign ignorance, “What do you mean by ‘this isn’t right?”

It was like dealing with a child; he smiled helplessly, “Jo…”

Josie knew Dexter had his boundaries and didn’t dare to push any further.

Because every time he played this game in front of others, he would always make it up to her in bed.
This man had a mischievous side as if she had done something wrong.

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