That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 284

Losing Tokens

Dexter smiled lightly on the other end. “Very convincing.”

“Therefore, I’m keeping up appearances for your sake. Aren’t you thankful?”

The man raised a teacup by his side and bumped it into the camera. “Thank you so much, Mrs.

Josie smiled as she stared earnestly at the man on her screen.

“When are you returning to Wavery?”

He didn’t bat an eyelid. “Within these two days.”

Josie deliberately dressed up the following day before she headed to Mandarin Oriental with Mrs.

Other women were at the gathering, but it was clear who was in control at one glance.

Josie and Mrs. Langman held hands, and their gazes fell on the woman at the poker table. “We meet
again, Ms. Quorn.”

A cigarette hung from Xanthe’s mouth. When she saw Josie, a glint appeared in her eyes. “You are?”

Josie choked. She never thought Xanthe would be so ungracious.

Mrs. Langman was smart enough to smooth things over immediately. “This is Mrs. Russell from
Russell. Group. She came with me. You’re not angry, are you, Langinan?”

She nudged Mr. Langman’s arm coyly in just the right manner.

Mr. Langman saw Josie’s face and immediately shook his head. “Of course not. Since there are more
women now, you can take my place. Have fun.”

Josie was pulled to sit down, and she sat facing Xanthe. She knew these people weren’t being
gracious to her but to Dexter.

“Do you know how to play poker, Mrs. Russell?” Xanthe asked indifferently as she looked at her cards.

“A little. Don’t blame me if I’m bad at it, Ms. Quorn.”

“We’re just having fun. We won’t make large bets. Don’t take it seriously,” Mrs. Langman immediately
said as she sized up Xanthe’s expression.

“We’re in Mandarin Oriental. Since we’re playing, it’s only natural to make large bets. I won’t play if
we’re not making large bets.” Xanthe was utterly discourteous, and her gaze was fixed on Josie.

Josie pretended to be calm. “That makes sense.” She called a server over. “Bring me a box of casino
tokens and put it on Mr. Russell’s tab.”

Xanthe raised her brows. “You’re so willing to spend Mr. Russell’s money, Mrs. Russell. You must be
living happily.”

“That’s right. I have a great life.” Josie smiled

While waiting for the server to return. Xanthe and Mr. Langman discussed business matters and quickly
signed a contract. Josie was shrewd and typed a message to Wyatt on her cell phone.

When the server returned, he put the casino tokens on the table.

Xanthe asked. “I heard you went to Rivodia a few days ago, Mrs. Russell. How was it?”

You’re well-informed, Ms. Quorn Josie was astonished. She never thought Xanthe would keep an eye
on her. “I worked hard and rushed around for my boss but received nothing. I just made some

Xanthe raised her bet. “You studied design, Mrs. Russell. How did you get involved in e-commerce?”

“There are similarities. Just like you, Ms. Quorn. You used to be a housewife, but you now have at
successful business,” Josie replied calmly as she raised her bet.

Mrs. Langman didn’t know about the personal grudges between the two. She thought Josie was just
venting for her sake.

Xanthe’s gaze at Josie grew more thoughtful. Xanthe said with a faint smile, “You’re young and
promising. It seems like Russell Group’s fate in the future may very well lie in your hands, Mrs.

Josie didn’t answer or change the subject.

“When are you planning on having children?”

Josie finally looked Xanthe in the eye when she heard it. For a moment, Josie didn’t know if Xanthe
was asking her as a mother-in-law or a bystander.

We have no plans for children for the time being.”

“Mrs. Russell is still young. There’s no rush. She can have children any time.” Mrs. Langman
interrupted. “She’s not old and faded like us. We can’t have children even if we want to.”

Everyone laughed.

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