That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 285

Plan Early

Josie was slightly embarrassed and didn’t join in.

Xanthe kept looking at her. “You should give birth while you’re young. You can’t tie men like Mr. Russell
down without children. What do you think, Mrs. Russell?”

Everyone revealed their cards. Xanthe won.

Josie couldn’t retaliate. She immediately lost her stack of casino tokens.

“I’m not in a rush. I’m confident. It’s sad to see women tying men down by having children.” She didn’t
back down. Only Xanthe understood Josie’s taunting.

Xanthe sneered.

The servers replenished her casino tokens. Josie was surprised. “I don’t want anymore.”

“I understand. Mr. Russell instructed us to do so. He means for you to play as much as you want. He

support you.”

Everyone was surprised at how much Dexter doted on his newly-married wife.

Xanthe had an awful expression, and Josie felt much better. “Great.”

Unfortunately, she was terrible at poker. She lost two stacks of casino tokens in less than two hours.
Everyone repeatedly teased Josie that Dexter had married an airheaded beauty.

Josie smiled, but she was feeling agonized.

Although she wasn’t paying for it, she had lost a lot of money, after all.

After losing a significant amount, Josie picked up her bag and bid everyone farewell. Mrs. Langman
was slightly embarrassed. “Thank you for today, Mrs. Russell.”

Josie forced a smile and shook her head. “No problem.”

Xanthe extinguished her cigarette. “Let me leave with you, Mrs. Russell.”

Mandarin Oriental was brightly lit. The two women were dazzling as they walked together.

Xanthe looked imposing and experienced, while Josie looked like her daughter standing next to her.
“My car is waiting for me downstairs. I’ll be leaving, Ms. Quorn.” Josie said as she left the private room.
“Why? You were quite shrewd just now. Don’t you dare to face me now?” Xanthe turned to the side and
provoked Josie.

Josie received a message on her cell phone. It was from Dexter. I just got off the plane.’

He’s back today? Josie was surprised.

far out her reply when Xanthe interrupted her. “Did your parents never tell you not to play

with your cell phone when your elders speak to you?”

Josie raised her head in bewilderment. “I remember I told you about my farmily. Have you forgotten?
As expected, your memory declines as you age. I recommend eating more walnuts, Ms. Quorn”

Xanthe was taken aback, and she laughed in her rage. She crossed her arms before her. “I won’t be
fooled by young girls’ cheap tricks.”

Josie felt wary.

Josie pitied Xanthe slightly when she found out about Xanthe’s story. Xanthe wasn’t a terrible person,
but Josie’s good impression of Xanthe immediately disappeared when she found out that Xanthe had


They were both Xanthe’s sons. Why did she discriminate between them?

“So can… I leave yet?”

Xanthe pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.

Josie turned and walked to the elevator. A voice rang behind her. “Take to heart what I said just now.
You better plan ahead to get pregnant and tie Dexter down.”

Xanthe was so out of touch with reality. Josie turned to the side. “Why? Will you push your other son up
the ranks if I don’t want to get pregnant?”

Xanthe narrowed her eyes..

“Don’t worry. If I have a child, I won’t ignore them for years.”

The elevator doors opened, and Josie immediately entered the elevator.

She only breathed a sigh of relief after leaving Mandarin Oriental. She walked to the bus stop nearby.
She had lost too much money today and felt guilty, so she wanted to save money.

Her thoughts wandered after she faced such high pressure. She swayed on the public bus for a while
and remembered she hadn’t replied to Dexter.

Her cell phone had been on silent mode. She had many missed calls, and all of them were from Dexter.

She was startled and realized that she was halfway through typing her reply. I’m almost-

She wanted to say that she was almost done.

But Xanthe had interrupted her, so she hadn’t completed her sentence.

It was no wonder that Dexter was so anxious.

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