That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 287

Exposed Again

Josie faintly heard the man mumble softly, “How long can he hide? I will catch hold of him sooner or
later. He will be punished either way.”

Josie was annoyed and amused. Why is this man like a child sometimes?

In the car, Josie tried to bring up Xanthe and assessed her. “I think she’s strange.”

The vehicle entered the tunnel, and the light flickered on the man’s face. She vaguely felt that he was
astonishingly like a boy.

It was a shame that he wasn’t. His voice was cold. “Since you find the woman strange, you’re not
allowed to meet with her from today onward unless necessary.”

He turned to look at her. “Do you understand?”

“… Mm.” Josie said, “I’ve investigated. There’s nothing wrong with this project.”

Dexter didn’t look at her to reply. When the car stopped, he leaned close to loosen her seat belt. When
he looked up, he gave her a peck on her pink lips. “Be careful.”

Josie was caught off guard. Thankfully, it was dark, and there weren’t many people around. She glared
at him and grumbled coyly.

Dexter smirked. He looked like a quintessential bad boy, just like John Travolta in the movie ‘Grease.

They didn’t know that a series of photos had spread rapidly online and trended quickly in the past few

The hashtag used was #MrsRussell Revealed.

Dexter and Josie were in the path of withered trees, and it contrasted against a blanket of snow. He
was holding her hands, and their actions were intimate. The smile on his face had never been seen
with other rumored partners.

The photos that the girls took were photoshopped and edited. On top of Dexter’s natural good looks,
his feelings for the woman in the pictures looked genuine.

Everyone was taken aback.

On Twitter, the girls had said they didn’t get a picture of the woman, not because they were worried but
because they were at the wrong angle. If they had gone any closer, they would have been discovered.
Furthermore, they left shortly.

The tweet received countless replies. ‘Oh, my god. His smile and his gaze. This woman was previously
revealed at Mason Garden, right?

‘She has a great figure and seems to have long hair?”

‘Oh, my god. I’m suddenly more curious about this woman!

Exposed Again

and doing the unthinkable!”

Dexter arrived at the top floor in his private elevator. Before he entered his office, he saw Moses run
over hurriedly. Moses said anxiously. “Mr. Russell, there’s an urgent matter. It’s about Mrs. Russell..

Dexter looked straight at him.

“… Mrs. Russell has been exposed online!”

Josie and Dexter discovered simultaneously that they had been exposed on the Internet.

Before lunch break ended, Josie heard a group of people discussing loudly as she entered her office.
Alice came out of the break room with an awful expression.

Josie bumped into her. “What happened?”

Alice pursed her lips and was dejected. “Oh, it’s nothing.”

At this time, a male colleague exclaimed, “With such a figure, it’s no wonder that Dexter married her!”

Josie’s heart sank immediately.

Her expression changed, and she stopped questioning Alice. She turned and checked Twitter for

It was as viral as when Dexter was photographed during New Year’s. Twitter was filled with pictures of
her and Dexter standing under a tree. Thankfully… the branches hid her face. Thankfully.

Her heart was suspended. This time was different. Regardless of whether her face was revealed, she
had been exposed.

And the pictures were clear. Josie’s acquaintances were bound to recognize her.

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