That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 286

1 Acknowledge That You’re an Airhead

Josie was a lot more clear-headed, and she immediately called him back. He answered at once.
“Where see you?”

“I wasn’t paying attention just now. I’m almost at Mason Garden!”

At the airport, Dexter slowed down as he was heading to his car. His breathing dowed, and he kept
quiet as he heard the noise on her end.

His panic, unease, and worry disappeared when he heard her voice.

He was restraining himself to avoid losing his temper at Josie. His manic tendencies were roused when
he thought she might have been in trouble.

He had almost confronted Xanthe.

Dexter felt his head pulsating, and he felt suffocated. He sounded frustrated. “Wait for me at the
intersection after you get off the bus. I’m coming now.”

Josie felt the man’s anger, but she couldn’t say anything since he was restraining himself. “Okay”

Dexter drove faster than the bus. When Josie arrived, she saw his car parked by the road.

Many people got off the bus, and there was an unpleasant odor.

The man stood beside a rustling path of trees. He gestured for Josie to come over. “Why did you lose
contact with Moses?”

Josie immediately thought of how she had forgotten Moses in the parking lot. “I forgot. I was lost in

Dexter quickly restrained his emotions. Ultimately, he didn’t do anything as he looked at her. Dexter
didn’t take her cell phone. He pulled her hand and put it in his palm. Upon closer inspection, he
sounded slightly displeased. “Your hands are cold.”

Josie didn’t move, and she froze. She asked softly, “What’s up?”

What happened? Why is he looking for me so anxiously?

Dexter stayed silent and turned to put his arms around her shoulder. He said, “Get in.”

Josie was slightly cautious. “I lost a lot of your money at Mandarin Oriental today…

He snorted coldly. “I know.”

“The money…”

“You don’t have to pay me back.” He was slightly exasperated.

Josie’s smile deepened. “They said that Mr. Russell married an airheaded beauty.”

“I acknowledge the airheaded part,” Dexter said with a smile.

I Acknowledge That You’re an Airhead

“You! What a hateful person.

At this time, a few young girls were standing around thirty feet away from them. They were taking
photos of themselves by the road when one of them saw something out of the corner of her eye.
Confused, the walked forward, and her friends asked her, “What are you looking at?”

The girl looked up and pulled her friends closer. “Oh my god… Tell me if I’m seeing this correctly. Isn’t
that Dexter Russell?”

Dexter was talking to a woman while holding her hands. As he spoke, he tapped the woman’s forehead
lightly. His actions were dignified, but his protective posture was evident.

“Oh my god!” Someone covered their mouth. It was unimaginable to them.

Dexter’s face was revealed and could be easily recognized. The car beside him had a showy car plate.
It couldn’t have belonged to anyone else.

“Why are you staring blankly? Quickly take pictures!”

The group of girls was dumbstruck.

Dexter still had to return to Russell Group today. They returned to Mason Garden and ate. After Josie
showered and changed her clothes, he took her to Russell Group.

“It’s not good if we’re seen.”

Dexter was putting on gloves for Josie. He said indifferently, “Moses is afraid that I will punish him, so
he’s now at Russell Group and doesn’t dare to meet me. What’s wrong with hitching a ride with me,
Mrs. Russell?”

Josie was dumbfounded. She wouldn’t have known why he was suddenly in a bad temper if he didn’t
say anything. It wasn’t easy to deal with someone of his stature when he was lashing out.

So she did as he wanted.

When Dexter opened the car door, he put his hand on her head, afraid that she would hit her head.

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