That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 289

Working Independently

Wyatt took up such a big project independently right after joining Russell Group. It was inevitable that
others would be jealous of him.

When Josie came to the thirty-fifth floor, it was late at night. Wyatt sat in the office, and the computer’s
light reflected on his face. He seemed highly focused.

She leaned against the door and watched for a while. Wyatt felt her gaze and raised his head. He was
slightly surprised. “Josie?”

Josie immediately looked behind her. He smiled and said, “I’m the only one in the office at this hour. No
one will hear me.”

Josie shrugged in exasperation. “Why are you still here?”

“I’m doing my due diligence for the project.”

“Alone?” From what she remembered, he must have had partners to help him with such a big project.
However, Wyatt always seemed to be alone.

“I can do it by myself.” Wyatt smiled indifferently. “By the way, the application we invested in is about to
go on the market. As a matter of fact, you’ve contributed a lot, Josie.”

Josie was slightly overwhelmed. “I’m thankful I didn’t trouble you previously. How could I have

“If you didn’t do your best and keep watch over my aunt, we wouldn’t have moved so quickly.” Wyatt
was generous with his praise. It went without saying who his aunt was.

Josie mumbled, “I just wanted to ask you something. Is Russell Group shorting sales with Carter Group

Wyatt turned to look at her. “How did you know?”

It seemed like Arnold had told her the truth.

Dexter had given up the chance to retaliate. Instead, he got rid of the rumors.

Josie wasn’t sure how she was feeling, but she felt warm.

He didn’t seem to only care about profit, after all.

Around a week after the rumors were released, the media widely promoted the e-commerce application
Russell Group had invested in. It initially had good reception, and it became increasingly popular. Even
Dexter didn’t anticipate such a response. Dexter had initially given it to Wyatt to train him. It would be
great if Wyatt could succeed, but it wasn’t a big deal if he failed.

In the end, Wyatt hadn’t let Dexter down.

Russell Group set up a special meeting, and Josie was invited to join. She initially thought it was an
ordinary meeting, but it was unusual. Dexter tapped on his keyboard before him, and his screen was
immediately projected onto the projection screen.

Working Independently

He spoke expressionlessly. “Can you do it if I gave you funding and resources, then asked you to go
out and develop it on your own?”

Wyatt was taken aback when he heard it. His first instinct was to look at Josic, but she seemed as
surprised as him. Wyatt furrowed his brows slightly. “Go out?”

Go out and leave Russell Group. In other words, Dexter wanted Wyatt to work independently with a

Working independently with a core team should only have happened when profit was affected or if
there was a disagreement within the team. But the team was on good terms at present.

Dexter was fair at work and wouldn’t involve his personal feelings, but this happened so suddenly.
Josie looked at the man at the seat of honor slightly reproachfully. Why didn’t he mention such a
decision to her beforehand?

“Mr. Russell…” Wyatt was dumbstruck in front of everyone. “With my experience, it’s too early to do

The secretary passed a document for everyone else to look at. “It’s still affiliated with Russell Group,
and we will continue providing you funding and resources. You can choose to reinvest. Russell Group
can be considered a small subsidiary company. If you flourish in the future, Russell Group will transfer
all the e- commerce projects to you.”

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