That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 274

Partnering With the Carters

Josie didn’t ask him why he did it. She half-jokingly said. “You took away the talent I personally
recruited, and then you brought in such a troublemaker. Mr. Russell, I’m at a loss big time.”

Dexter took her into his arms on the bed and absentmindedly played with her hair. “That Kevan is
coming after you. I had to be cautious,” he said possessively with an eerie tone.

Josie lowered her eyes slightly. She had long known that freedom was nothing but a luxury as soon as
she became his wife.

After the Lunar New Year, work gradually resumed. Dexter shifted all his focus onto the internet
industry. particularly the e-commerce sector. He even collaborated with the Carter Group.

In this regard, Carter Group was a pioneer with experience and capability. The collaboration between
the two companies was a win-win situation. However, Josie could tell that Arnold might be the biggest
winner, and she wondered what Dexter had given up for it.

For… Xanthe?

In the pantry on the 32nd floor, Bryce poured a cup of coffee for the woman.

“Josie… no, Ms. Warren, we have shifted our focus to e-commerce projects in recent investments. Do
you have any objections?” Bryce remained gentle and patient as always.

Josie tried to look relaxed and took a sip of coffee before addressing firmly. “There are many people
within the company who have opinions about this reform, and many are curious. Of course, I would
want to be informed as well.”

“Are you one of the curious ones or one of those with objections?”

Their eyes met, and the dynamic between them was far from benevolent.

The corner of Josie’s lips lifted slightly, but her eyes remained indifferent. She raised her guard as she
responded, “Of course, I’m on the same side as your brother.”

Bryce nodded. “Good to know.”

Russell’s family had built its foundation through industrialists and had relied on it for many years. With
such a sudden reform, the board members were unlikely to remain calm. Yet Bryce had no objections.
indicating that he had aligned with Dexter’s goal.

This wasn’t within Josie’s responsibilities, but Xanthe’s words that day made her heart race. She feared
that Dexter might do something irrational.

After much thought, she paid a visit to Carter Group.

Upon hearing Josie’s words over the phone, Arnold asked Lilian to pour him a cup of coffee.

Since that day, Josie didn’t leave his side and has since become an increasingly proactive negotiator
between the two groups.

When the call ended, Lilian leaned over. “How long have you known each other?”

Arnold was in a good mood today and reached up to touch her chin. “Guess,”

Lilian smiled. “I won’t guess. But I want to see what nickname you have set for her.”

Arnold handed over his personal phone, and Lilian cheerfully started scrolling.

There was no nickname for Josie, and only a few people had been given nicknames, seemingly
insignificant individuals.

A glimmer of disdain flashed in Lilian’s eyes. Of course, a woman like Josie couldn’t hold onto Arnold’s
heart. They were from entirely different worlds..

Lilian returned the phone to Arnold.

However, just as she turned to leave, she suddenly turned back and grabbed the man’s collar, standing
on tiptoe to kiss him.

She had intended to steal a kiss and then run away, but Lilian was stunned because Arnold didn’t push


She widened her eyes slightly at his acceptance, and with a firm grasp, she continued to kiss him. The
softness of his lips fascinated her, and she felt his hand resting on her waist.

She whimpered with pleasure.

Unbeknownst to their intimate bouts, Josie walked into the room and caught sight of the both of them.

She immediately turned to walk away. Just as her body shifted, her secretary passed by and noticed
her standing outside the room. “Why aren’t you going in?”

“…I’d rather not look at what’s happening there.”

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